machine foot / rubber / polyamide / stainless steel
AD series



  • Applications:


  • Material:

    rubber, polyamide, stainless steel

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Load capacity:

    500 kg, 600 kg (1,102 lb)

  • Diameter:

    40 mm, 50 mm


Our Rubber Base Polyamide feet are an excellent option for the easy height adjustment of an application and are regularly used for leveling off a surface for furniture, machinery etc. These Polyamide feet come with a rubber base for added grip strength, along with additional properties such as vibration dampening and shock absorbing which are essential when working with hard-flooring. Each of these Rubber base Polyamide feet can be easily height adjusted once in position thanks to the allen key insert that can be found at the top of the thread, preventing the need for unscrewing/screwing whenever height adjustment is required.These Rubber Base Polyamide feet have an excellent load capacity and are available in either a Zinc or Stainless Steel thread as standard, this includes thread sizes between M8 & M10. We are always able to offer custom sizing wherever there is a requirement, however for all available product sizes please see the table below.