machine foot / for furniture / nylon / steel



  • Applications:

    machine, for furniture

  • Material:

    nylon, steel

  • Type:

    adjustable, swivel

  • Other characteristics:



Our Heavy Duty Tilting Adjustable Feet or also known in industry as 'Weight Rated Tilting Feet' have all been manufactured using a premium selection of materials, including Steel and Nylon to create a strong foot with a wide range of uses. These Tilting Feet come with a ball joint base that provides a great level of tilt up to 20° allowing their use across a range of surfaces and applications with varying height. Heavy Duty Tilting Feet are widely used across a number of industries for different applications including use as glides for heavy furniture, feet/mounts for machinery, or even with large appliances. Each product has been weight rated to allow for heavy duty uses of up to 2,000kg, excellent for the majority of installations.

Heavy Duty Tilting Feet are available in a range of base diameters, providing a good selection for use with heavier applications with extra surface area being ideal for larger uses. These are able to screw into place when paired with a matching female thread, preventing the need for additional fasteners, fixings or adhesives.

Why Choose Our Heavy Duty Tilting Adjustable Feet?
Manufactured from premium Nylon & Steel pairing
Heavy duty weight rating of up to 2,000kg
Tilting base allowing for up to 20 degrees
Useful as gliders, feet or mounts