machine foot / stainless steel / adjustable / threaded
ADJ series



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    stainless steel

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Our Stainless Steel Feet are a high end form of Adjustable Foot suited towards hygienic uses, where a certain grade of material is required to prevent contamination or quality issues. Paired with a Vulcanised Rubber base which is produced to meet food safety regulations, these have been designed with USDA guidelines in mind to ensure their usability within industry. Featuring up to 5 degrees of articulation the base of these Stainless Steel Feet can adjust accordingly to the surface that it is placed on, evening out any abnormalities in the floor automatically after installation. Each Foot can easily be cleaned off thanks to the rounded design of the base, enabling quick and efficient management of regular cleaning procedures.

We stock these Stainless Steel Feet with a Rubber Base in a huge selection of thread sizes (M10 - M30) and lengths ranging from 50mm up to 310mm. We also have a range of base sizes available to meet your requirements, with base sizes larger than 75mm available upon your request. See the product table below for all relevant sizing information, along with the ability to request a free sample.

Please note that base diameters above 75mm are available upon request, MOQ may apply.

Key Product Features: stainless steel adjustable feet line drawing
Manufactured using hygienic Stainless Steel & Vulcanised Rubber
Produced to meet USDA food hygiene guidelines
Rubber base for additional grip
Levelling base up to 5°
Commonly Used For
For use within food production factories to level off or raise
For use with conveyor belts and machinery