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Our Replacement Washing Machine Feet or Anti-Vibration Feet as they are also known, are made with strength and quality in mind to ensure a long-lasting, sturdy fitting for your Washing Machine. These Anti-Vibration Feet are an easy to fit solution, providing uprated properties when compared to standard solutions installed from manufacturers. These feet work by simply screwing in to the bottom of your machine/appliance to provide instant grip and anti vibration benefits. Replacement Washing Machine Feet are regularly used where the original feet are worn or damaged and to dampen vibrations, reducing noise and the wearing of the ground beneath the appliance.

From standard these Washing Machine Feet are offered with an M10 thread, a fitment often used with Washing Machines and other White Goods in and around the household. A hexagonal base provides additional surface area for the vibrations and shock to pass through, paired with a shore 70 rubber base for optimal performance.

Why use our Replacement Washing Machine Feet:
Shore A 70 Rubber base for vibration dampening
Simply screws into your current Washing Machine
Hexagonal base for additional surface area
Simple upgrade to existing solutions