food product pump / oil / with electric motor / normal priming
Tru-Fit™ Unversal series



  • Media:

    for food products, oil

  • Operation:

    with electric motor

  • Priming:

    normal priming

  • Type:


  • Domain:


  • Other characteristics:

    mechanical, vertical, transfer, sump, for low-viscosity fluids


No shaft alignment necessary
No coupling guard required
Available for models 006 through 320 UI, UII, UL
Special base design enhances cleanability
Reduces overall length of complete unit by an average of 20-25%
Average of 10-20 gear ratios available per horsepower
NEMA or IEC frames available, right angle reducer also available for additional space savings
1/2 through 60 horsepower drive options available
Horizontal or vertical porting available
Separate oil sump for gear reducer and timing gears
Easy to maintain