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angular panel saw / for wood / furniture / CNC - WNA 6 series

Double cutting line panel sizing centre completely independent with automatic loading of panels,...

angular panel saw / fully-automatic / for wood / CNC - WNA 600 ShuttleSystem

WNA 600 Shuttle System is a fully automatic

angular panel saw / for wood - max. 162 mm | WNAR 600

Double cutting line panel sizing centre suited for mediumlarge furniture industries and subcontractors. Also available...

angular panel saw - 80 mm | HPP 350

More compact and versatile
The HPP 350 is the perfect solution...

angular panel saw - HPP 300

The HKL 300 angular system is the top model in the 3 series –...

angular panel saw / for wood - HKL 380 combiLine

New formula for success: sawing + routing = HKL 380 combiLine
Visitors to LIGNA responded enthusiastically to this HOLZMA...

angular panel saw - 130 mm | HKL 530

This is the smallest angular system of the 5 series – whereby the word "small" seems rather out...

angular panel saw - 150 mm | HKL 550

The HKL 550 is one size larger than the HKL 530. With a saw blade projection of 150 mm and a...

angular panel saw - max. 125 mm, 80 m/min | ICON 2

Giben Icon2: extraordinary performances thanks to a brilliant idea, combining heavy-duty and compact added to productivity and flexibility. This...

angular panel saw - 115 - 130 mm, max. 130 m/min | SIGMA3000 HP

Angular system with two cutting lines for mass production for the medium sized furniture industry and semifinished goods companies. Fully automatic, continuous cycle for execution of rip and cross cuts of stacks...

angular panel saw - max. 185 mm, 85 m/min | SIGMA 6000

HYPERMATIC angular panel sizing systems with two or more cutting lines apply the most up-to -date working technology...

angular panel saw - max. 310 mm, 100 m/min | TETRAMATIC

TETRAMATIC is a new cutting center for high-capacity angular systems and sizing lines for books of 220 mm and up to 310 mm upon request. Two main saw blades share...

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