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Laser cutting machines
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laser cutting machine PCB - Neocut UV

The Neocut UV is a laser cutting machine engineered by Osai. It is suitable for use in cutting applications requiring high accuracy,...

laser cutting machine PCB - MicroLine 6000 P

LPKF MicroLine 6000 P is a laser system that meets various industry requirements, providing a cost effective solution for industrial laser processing with a highly precise result....

laser cutting machine PCB - MicroLine 1000 P

The Microline 1000 P UV laser cutting system from LPKF is engineered to be a low cost unit that...

laser cutting machine PCB - ILS 500 X

The ILS 500 X is a laser processing work station designed for high-precision applications in the precision engineering, electronics and semiconductor...


How to choose this product


Laser cutting is a procedure for rapid, precise cutting of sheet metal, metal pipe or sheets of other materials. This non-contact method puts no strain on the workpiece, which is in no way deformed.


These machines are used for sheet metal work in the automobile industry and boiler making for cutting sheets of steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and brass. They also can cut rubber, polyester, Plexiglas, composite materials, cardboard, wood or leather in saddlery.


Laser cutting is done with the aid of a gas, nitrogen, argon, oxygen or air. The material removed is in part vaporized or sublimated, in part expelled by the gas jet.

Continuous CO2 laser cutting is rapid and can be used on numerous materials, making it the most common method. The power of the beam is adjusted as a function of the material for cutting thicknesses up to 25 millimeters and for making holes.

A different cutting technique, such as water jet or continuous YAG laser, is used for highly reflective materials such as copper and silver. A pulsed YAG laser is favored over a CO2 model for very precise cutting.

These programmable machines often are employed for engraving, marking and edge welding. They can be equipped with an automatic workpiece loading and unloading robot.

How to choose

Choice will depend on maximum workpiece size and laser power, which can reach 7 kW.


- Precision cutting
- Non-contact operation
- Multiple capabilities

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