ball valve / selector / for steam / seat
ball valve
83240 series

Temperature: -10 °C - 180 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar
DN: 15 mm - 100 mm

Suitable for steam Can be used as Y-pattern/selector valve (pressure connected to A) High flow rate Damped closing For robust industry applications

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globe valve / hydraulic / regulating / 4-way
globe valve

Pressure: 207 bar - 700 bar
Flow rate: 3 us gal/min - 8 us gal/min

... or used remotely with hoses Compact 4-way, 3-position valve 3,000 - 4,000 psi (207 - 275 bar) return line ground dump safety valve Controlled advance and built-in hold feature Single-acting valve ...

needle valve / lever / regulating / for water
needle valve

DN: 8 mm

The RPB series is manufactured by FG Inox, and is a double ring fitting valve with stainless steel regulation needle. It has a diameter of 6 to 12 mm, and length of 49.2 mm to 52.4 mm. It also has height of 11 with x-axis ...

butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / regulating / for potable water
butterfly valve
Tecwat VP-x04 series

Temperature: 80 °C
Pressure: 10 bar - 25 bar
DN: 100 mm - 2,000 mm

Body material Ductile iron Disc material Ductile iron PN (End) PN10 End Flanged Contact sealing EPDM Operating system BERNARD 3 Phases electric actuator

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butterfly valve / manual / electrically-actuated / pneumatically-operated
butterfly valve
841T – 842T

Temperature: -10 °C - 100 °C
Pressure: 7 bar
DN: 350 mm - 600 mm

Larger size PTFE lined butterfly valve, for chemical duties with a proven record of excellent performance and long life in heavy d Size Range:DN350 - DN600 (14" - 24") Pressure Rating:7 bar Body Patterns:Wafer Body ...

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Tomoe Valve Europe
lever valve / regulating
lever valve
PVG 100

Pressure: 15 bar

... for maximum flexibility. New PVG 100 high flow options tackle the heaviest loads The new PVG 100 high flow post-compensated valve raises port flows with less work - pump margin of 15 bar [217 psi] - and lowers the return ...

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Danfoss Power Solutions
flow control valve / pressure-control / for compressed air / proportional
flow control valve
VP10 series

Temperature: -20 °C - 70 °C
Pressure: 0.2 bar - 8 bar
Flow rate: 300 l/min

... need the flexibility to control the output pressure or flow in an application. We have an extensive range of proportional valves including analogue and digital, open or closed loop and flow or pressure control. Our VP10 ...

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IMI Precision Engineering
pneumatic pressure-control valve
pneumatic pressure-control valve
PDV 11/1200

Pressure: 350 bar - 1,200 bar
DN: 11 mm
Flow rate: 10 l/min - 100 l/min

PDV 11/1200 is utilized in a number of consumer systemws. It keeps an established system operating pressure when incorporating new consumers and avoids pressure drops. Characterized by its high response but low throttle resistance, this ...

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knife gate valve / pneumatically-operated / regulating / for water
knife gate valve
AT 200 F

Temperature: -30 °C - 200 °C
Pressure: 10 bar - 16 bar
DN: 50 mm - 1,200 mm

This knife gate valve is utilized for installation between flanges in accordance with DIN EN 1092-1. It is usable as an end valve with a self-adjusting compact-cross-seal towards the atmosphere. It features ...

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GEFA Processtechnik
gate valve / with handwheel / electrically-actuated / temperature control
gate valve
G series

DN: 50 mm - 400 mm
Flow rate: 3,000 m³/h

... temperature control valves provide a high degree of accuracy and repeatability for accurate temperature control and are also used in mixing or diverting service over a wide flow range. Features and Benefits Easy ...

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needle valve / manual / pressure-reducing / threaded
needle valve

Temperature: -60 °C - 200 °C
Pressure: 200 bar - 400 bar
DN: 5 mm - 22 mm

Forged. Housing Material: 1.4571, Spindle Material: 1.4571, Spindle Seal: PTFE, Hand wheel: pressed. Also available with NPT thread - on request. Temperature range: -60 ° C to 200 ° C. At elevated temperatures, please consult the pressure ...

manual valve / selector / for air / miniature
manual valve
SR M series

DN: 0.25 in - 0.75 in

diaphragm valve / pressure-reducing / for chemicals
diaphragm valve
V series

Pressure: 150 psi
DN: 0.5 in - 4 in

... very little maintenance and may be installed in almost any position • Valve is complete with its own diaphragm protected pressure gauge for the reading of output pressure • Valve may be set even when in operation

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Asahi/America, Inc.
pressure-reducing valve / modular / normally open / 3-way
pressure-reducing valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 350 bar
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 75 l/min

DescriptionThe P03MSV-PDR valve is a modular three-way spool type direct operated pressure reducing / relieving valve. It is available with fixed or variable adjustment.This valve is ...

electric valve / regulating
electric valve
Pxxxx series

Piab's CU (control units) have a set of electrically controlled on/off and blow-off valves. This function is suitable for “leaking” applications where products are handled in an automated process or small and fast pick-and ...

pneumatically-operated valve / regulating / angle seat / stainless steel
pneumatically-operated valve

Temperature: 0 °C - 180 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 10.2 bar
DN: 50, 63, 90, 125 mm

... for remote control necessary. The stroke is made proportional to the flow through the parabolic contour of the piston. The valve shuts tight and is of anti-water hammer design.

ball valve / manual / selector / for gas
ball valve

Temperature: -20 °C - 200 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 210 bar
DN: 0.125 in - 0.375 in

TECVAL two and three-way SELECTOR ball valves are intended to permit a speedy opening and closing of the stream, and acquire a quick substitution and circulation. The shallow micro-finish of the trunnion-ball guarantees ...

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globe valve / with handwheel / regulating / mixing
globe valve

DN: 50 mm - 150 mm

Globe valves are regulating valves. They are used to regulate the flow velocity, pressure, volume etc., to control process requirements such as mixing, cleaning etc. These type will influence ...

pressure-control valve / hydraulically-operated
pressure-control valve
HT series

These valves are hydraulically damped, direct operated, pressure control valves which can be actuated by internal or external pilot pressure. H Type Pressure Control Valves There are ...

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YUKEN Europe Ltd.
pneumatically-operated valve / pressure-control / multi-port
pneumatically-operated valve

A Pilot operated 3, 5-port valve with built-in pressure sensor has been added to the 4GB*R Series.The pressure sensor has been integrated with the valve for preventative maintenance. It can be used for ...

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electric valve / regulating / for water
electric valve
C 7700

... is monitored by an electronic controller which sets the required chlorine gas quantity by means of an electrically operated valve.

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Lutz - Jesco
ball valve / regulating / shut-off / wafer
ball valve
Neles® E series

Temperature: -40 °C - 450 °C
Pressure: 10 bar - 40 bar
DN: 25 mm - 200 mm

... Neles® series E ball control valves are designed to meet the most severe erosive service requirements of wide range of industrial applications in pulp & paper, petro-chemical, refining and related industries. E series ...

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Metso Automation
ball valve / regulating / for hot water / threaded
ball valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 130 °C
Pressure: 40 bar
DN: 32, 40, 50 mm

... leakage Features 2-way regulating ball valve for continuous control of cold and hot water in closed circuits In combination with valve actuators AKM 105(S), 115(S) and AKF 112, 113(S) ...

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Fr. Sauter AG
piston valve / pneumatically-operated / regulating / for aggressive media
piston valve

Temperature: 14 °F - 356 °F
DN: 0.5 in - 2 in

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS TYPE: COMPACT 45 Media: water, oil, air, aggressive media and steam (1) Media temperature: 14°F ÷ 356°F Ambient temperature: 14°F ÷ 140°F Pilot media: air, inert gases, water Body material: bronze (C38600 UNS ...

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ball valve / lever / purge / for steam
ball valve
B6300, B6301

DN: 0.5 in - 1 in

... B6301 2-Piece, Full Port, Bronze Ball & Waste Ball Valves are used in commercial, and industrial applications. It features a drain port to allow for draining or venting of downstream line when valve ...

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Watts Water Technologies