Regulating valves

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cartridge valve / purge / large / liquid
cartridge valve
947N series

Temperature: 0 °C - 200 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 138 bar

The Cartridge III Valve is a multipurpose valve, designed for use with Brooks® purge meters in gas and liquid flow applications. It is interchangeable with previous versions of Brooks valves. These ...

piston valve / hydraulic / pressure-control / temperature control
piston valve
3010 EN

Flow rate: 55 l/min - 600 l/min

The valves for the GMV power units are packed with technology meant to last over time and offering unparalleled reliability. Hundreds of thousands of elevator systems running with our products are an unequivocal proof ...

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drain valve / manual / brass
drain valve

Paani Precisions is one of the most renowned Brass Ball Valves Manufacturers, Suppliers and Exporter. For manufacturing these components, we ensure that fine quality of brass metal is used. Further, we also see to it ...

piston valve / pneumatic / control / metering
piston valve
AXDV-SPK series

Pressure: 20 bar - 200 bar

Ultimate process reliability at lowest dosage volumes – This Spray Metering Valve AXDV-C1-SPK1 allows for controlled spraying of the lubricant volume defined by the volumetric metering valve, independently ...

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metering valve / piston / pneumatically-operated / for gas
metering valve

Temperature: -40 °C - 150 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 40 bar
DN: 0.5 in - 2 in

Description 2/2-Way seat valve with control cone and electropneumatical positioner Impulse without differential pressure Body Stainless Steel, Red brass

3-way valve / ball / lever / changeover
3-way valve

Temperature: -10 °C - 180 °C
Pressure: 137 bar
DN: 0.5 in

3-way change-over valve, used to connect two safety valves to a pipe system with the use of only one pipe joint. In such a case, one safety valve can be in operation while the other ...

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Dansk Ventil Center A/S
pneumatically-operated valve / regulating / selector / stainless steel
pneumatically-operated valve

DN: 1.5 in - 3 in

The DSV provides return air conveying from the pump outlet, with pressure relief, back into a closed loop dry air conveying system. Features: Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction Air-actuated Positive Sealing Disc(s) Suitable ...

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Novatec, Inc.
ball valve / lever / regulating / selector
ball valve
09.0301 Series

Temperature: -20 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 20 bar
DN: 6, 12, 23 mm

This product is an easy running ball with self-regulated play compensation on valve. Furthermore, the product operates at a maximum pressure of 20 bar with a temperature of -20°C to +80°C. Material case is brass sand ...

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lever valve / selector / metering / for oil
lever valve
SD4 series

Pressure: 4,500, 2,500, 3,000 psi
Flow rate: 40 us gal/min

The CROSS SSD4 series selector valves are 6 way, 2-position units with cast-in metering notches for smooth operation. They provide an economical way of diverting flow to two separate hydraulic circuits. Features: SSD4: ...

pneumatically-operated valve / diverter / selector / for milk
pneumatically-operated valve

Pressure: 25 psi

PMWA Multiway Selector Valves The PMWA Multiway Selector Valve diverts material flowing in a pneumatic conveying line to a predetermined destination - Any particular branch line can be preselected and ...

pneumatically-operated valve / diverter / distribution / PTFE
pneumatically-operated valve
ZWS/DWS series

Temperature: -10 °C - 80 °C
Pressure: 0.8 bar - 4 bar
DN: 50 mm - 225 mm

Applications The two-/three-way hose-type diverter valve ZWS/DWS is a distribution or collection unit for pneumatic conveying systems up to 4 bar (g) of powders and pellets in various industrial sectors. Design characteristics ...

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Zeppelin Silos & Systems
plug valve / hydraulic / pressure-reducing / pressure-control
plug valve

Flow rate: 2 l/min - 379 l/min

... provides direct-acting or manually-operated valves. The CR series has bi-directional versions and the TR series are thermal relief valves. Other versions are CB series-motion control, PS series sequence ...

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diaphragm valve / hydraulically-operated / flow regulator / pressure-reducing
diaphragm valve
PICO® B100

Temperature: 50 °C
Pressure: 10, 16 bar
DN: 50 mm - 300 mm

... sealing ring - Independent of variations of the inlet pressure / flow rate, the valve regulates a higher inlet pressure to a constant, lower outlet pressure - Valve controlled by its own medium - ...

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cartridge valve / hydraulically-operated / pressure-control / pressure-reducing
cartridge valve

Pressure: 0 bar - 350 bar
DN: 20 mm
Flow rate: 0 l/min - 300 l/min

Series VR4R06 Nominal Size Inch 3/4" mm 20 Maximum Flow gpm 80 lpm 300 Maximum Pressure psi 5000 bar 350 Mounting Subplate / Panel / Cartridge

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Veljan Hydrair Limited
purge valve / metering / PTFE / relief
purge valve
MFV series

Pressure: 30 psi - 150 psi

Walchem’s Multi-Function Valves (MFV) provide anti-syphon, back pressure, bleed, drain and pressure relief for your 11, 16 and 21 size E class metering pumps. These valves will prevent syphoning when ...

globe valve / pneumatically-operated / regulating / for steam
globe valve
Model 807

Temperature: 70 °F - 1,200 °F
Pressure: 0 psi - 5,000 psi
DN: 0.25 in - 1 in

... Tantalum, and other exotics with various trim sizes for every valve measure and incorporate an exact precise control. It is available in globe, angle, 3-way, sanitary, and cryogenic designs. This valve ...

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Badger Meter
pressure-control valve / butterfly / electrically-actuated / with ISO flange connections
pressure-control valve
612 series

Temperature: 35 °C - 150 °C
Pressure: 75 mbar - 1,000 mbar
DN: 25 mm - 320 mm

Field of application: Semiconductors, FPD / CVD systems and industrial processes.

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VAT Vakuumventile AG
gate valve / manual / regulating / stainless steel
gate valve

DN: 100 mm - 300 mm

Throttle valves, shut-off valves and slide gates, hand operated or actuated, allow you to regulate airflows or control your bulk goods handling.

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Fr. Jacob Söhne GmbH & Co. KG
ball valve / selector / for steam / seat
ball valve
83240 series

Temperature: -10 °C - 180 °C
Pressure: 0 bar - 10 bar
DN: 15 mm - 100 mm

Suitable for steam Can be used as Y-pattern/selector valve (pressure connected to A) High flow rate Damped closing For robust industry applications

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globe valve / hydraulic / regulating / 4-way
globe valve

Pressure: 207 bar - 700 bar
Flow rate: 3 us gal/min - 8 us gal/min

... or used remotely with hoses Compact 4-way, 3-position valve 3,000 - 4,000 psi (207 - 275 bar) return line ground dump safety valve Controlled advance and built-in hold feature Single-acting valve ...

needle valve / lever / regulating / for water
needle valve

DN: 8 mm

The RPB series is manufactured by FG Inox, and is a double ring fitting valve with stainless steel regulation needle. It has a diameter of 6 to 12 mm, and length of 49.2 mm to 52.4 mm. It also has height of 11 with x-axis ...

butterfly valve / electrically-actuated / regulating / for potable water
butterfly valve
Tecwat VP-x04 series

Temperature: 80 °C
Pressure: 10 bar - 25 bar
DN: 100 mm - 2,000 mm

Body material Ductile iron Disc material Ductile iron PN (End) PN10 End Flanged Contact sealing EPDM Operating system BERNARD 3 Phases electric actuator

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flow control valve / pressure-control / automatic
flow control valve

AUTOMATIC CONTROL VALVES An automatic control valve regulates a flow or a pressure of a fluid without external power source, no actuator is necessary resulting both in a most reliable and economic ...

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lever valve / regulating
lever valve
PVG 100

Pressure: 15 bar

... for maximum flexibility. New PVG 100 high flow options tackle the heaviest loads The new PVG 100 high flow post-compensated valve raises port flows with less work - pump margin of 15 bar [217 psi] - and lowers the return ...

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Danfoss Power Solutions
flow control valve / pressure-control / for compressed air / proportional
flow control valve
VP10 series

Temperature: -20 °C - 70 °C
Pressure: 0.2 bar - 8 bar
Flow rate: 300 l/min

... need the flexibility to control the output pressure or flow in an application. We have an extensive range of proportional valves including analogue and digital, open or closed loop and flow or pressure control. Our VP10 ...

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IMI Precision Engineering