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Low voltage current transformers consist of three parts as primary winding, secondary winding and magnetic core...


The Cool One Top Mount Current Transformer operates as a load monitor which its current is up to 50A AC. This current transformer circuitry gives for either 0-50 ma ac or 0-10 volts dc and is...

Anacons 'Cool One' Control Transformers give a superb isolation and have a low capacitive coupling. Features of 'The...


Technical data:

* 330 VA to 1400 VA


Triple Insulated Wires "TEX-E Series" have a prominent feature: no need of interlayer insulation tape...


The CTs are used together with Thytronic protection relays
for measuring the phase currents....

Four components inside an innovative device:
Electronic Current Transformer
Electronic Voltage Transformer
Voltage-indicator lamp

Italian Standard prescribes the use of single phase insulation transformers, as a protection for operating, monitoring, intensive care and anaesthesia...


For SCR (Silicon Control Rectifier) variable speed motor drive applications, a transformer is needed to magnetically isolate the incoming...

The HSZ series of industrial control transformers...

Electromagnetic control components demand inrush currents up to 10 times the...

50-1,000 VA, 50/60 Hz.

SBE Encapsulated industrial control transformers are epoxy encapsulated...

The open style SBE Series provides voltage regulation in excess of...


The electronics manufactured by ZETTLER serve as an expansion for the product range, being delivered with current sense transformers. The products in the ACST 200 series, in particular, are...

Zettler Electronics is recognized as a reliable relay manufacturer. Zettler also manufactures transformers which offers a variation of major transformers including their in house sealed EI30 power transformers....


Powering computational and office hardware like computers, printers, copy machines, etc., household equipment, electric hand tools, industrial machinery like lifting magnets, frequency converters, etc. through our Isolating Transformers or RT enhances...


This series of CT can be applied to test,control.display and record the running of the electrical...


Safety electrical conversion unit MEM3000 220v or 380v constructed according to the international safety regulations. It can be connected to MASTER 3500 and LASER 4000 machines



The Super Accuracy for 0.2 and 0.5/1 Class Meter Grade is a high accuracy with supreme linearity through whole operating range. In application of this product, it contains 0.2 class meters in HVCT & MVCT for Power Plant, 0.2 Class Power Meters - Fault...

The TSL series supreme accuracy current transformers are fully compliant with IEC62053-22 and ANSI C12.20. With 0.2 class meter grade, these units are excellent for a wide range of applications including: HVCT and MVCT, power plants, sub-stations, industrial...

The DC Immune Electronic Energy Meter comes with a high potential voltage of up to 4.0 KV per minute. Equipped...

The T-Series manufactured by TAEHWATRAN company is applied on different fields like Home Energy Management System (HEMS), Building & Factory Energy Management System,...


Pulse gate drive transformer with double secondary winding
Galvanic separation of drive and power circuit
Voltage resistance up to 4kV
Ignition current up to 1A
Turns ratio up to 3:1:1
Technical specifications
Nominal operating voltage: up to 500V
Operating frequency: 40kHz...

Miniature split-core current transformer
The CT160F split-core current sensors transformer are designed for fast and easy installation without the need to disconnect any loads.
These high precsion units are equally suitable for Current or Power measurement. They are fully compatible with the Energy Meter.
An internal protection device across...

product Features:
With high permeability permalloy, high precision, excellent linear performance, huge current load and low price
PBT burn-resistant...

The Various types of transformers available, PQ,CI, UI, EFD, EP, ER, EPC, POT, RM and EE
High frequency transformer suitable for EL/CCFL inverter or DC/DC converter
Customized designs are welcome
Switching power and pulse transformer
Isolated and line matching and ignition transformer
EE5 current sensor and ADSL transformer
EFD series,...


Isolating transformers, according to the VDE and EN instructions.

Type TTGN 2 is a plug-in unit

which is plugged directly into the 230 V main socket.

Types TTGN 20...

Execution in accordance to VDE 0570 / EN 61558
Prepared for units to protective class...

Control transformer in accordance
to VDE 0570, Part 2-2, EN 61558-2-2.

Safety transformer (SEC bis 42V)
in accordance to VDE 0570, Part 2-6,...

Execution in accordance to VDE 0570 / EN 61558
protective class I or II
Protective type...

Execution in accordance to VDE 0551,
EN 60742, IEC 742, VDE 0710 Teil 14
Protective class...


The Controller 14.422 serves to excite the magnetic particle clutches and brakes. The excitation current can be influenced by a dancer potentiometer...


Power transformers

BRUSH Transformers is globally renowned for the quality of its products, innovation and service. Our markets include the utility, oil, petrochemical,...


Bell transformer ZTR-8-8
output voltage 8 V. Power: 8W


Bell transformer ZTR-15-12
output voltage 4-8-12 V. Power: 4V5V - 8V 10V- 12V 15V


Current transformator SR
for Monitoring current relay PRI

Accessory to monitoring relay PRI series, for extension...


This linear current transformer series, allow to obtain an AC or DC

Usually reduce the circuit voltage...

Insulation thermic class B
Frequency 50/60Hz
Open type. Protection index IP00


The production of cast resin power transformers can be divided in:

Standard Production, which...

The production of oil transformers includes medium...

The production range of metering transformers includes:


The production range of metering transformers includes:



The Model 276A Current Transformer is a low-cost, open-frame type...

The Model 276B3 is a ring-type 3-phase transformer for currents from 50-1200 amps....

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