pulse counter / tachometer / digital / electronic



  • Type:

    pulse, tachometer

  • Display:


  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    programmable, multifunction


KOSMOS SERIES presents MICRA-D, a five-digit digital instrument with 2 programmable inputs designed to accept signals from a wide range of standard sensors and pulse generators. The device can an configured to work as tachometer with totalizer (8 digits), tachometer with direction of rotation indication, frequencymeter, counter 5 digits with totalizer (8 digits), several modes of counter (UP, DOWN, UP/ DOWN, PHASE) and chronometer (5 digits - 4 ranges).

MICRA-D offers the flexibility of choosing colors between green, amber or red color assignable to measure, programming or alarm activation. The system provides display with 2 brightness level, 8V @ 30mA or18 V @ 100mA excitation, inputs with 13 logic programmable functions. the series offers total or partial configuration lockout and provides peak and Valley reading when TACHOMETER. The system operates with 85-265 Vac universal power supply, 10.5-70 Vdc low voltage supply. It includes ASCII, ISO1745, MODBUS-RTU communication protocols.