Gear pump / transfer / wear-resistant
5.5 - 22 cm³/r, max. 150 bar | KP 1 DuroTec® series KRACHT

DuroTec® gear pumps KP 1 for abrasive and poor lubricating fluids. The limit of applications of transfer gear pumps has been reached when the transfer medium does not have the required lubricity for a proper function of the pump and a high working pressure is needed at the same time. Such problematic fluids are for example silicates (sodium silicate), isocyanates and polyols with hard fillers as can be found in the PU-technology. Under air or humidity influence, crystallisation of these fluids occurs and agrivates the lack of lubricity.

The gear (gear wheel and shafts) is surrounded by SIC sleeve bearing. The gear is high-rigid protected against wear. Depending on the medium to be transferred, working pressures up to 150 bar are possible with driving speeds of about 1500 1/min. Solid body parts with a size < 50 μm and a hardness acc. to Vickers < 2500 will be accepted in the transfer medium. The main field of application for the DuroTec® pumps KP 1 are mainly multi-component-systems in the PU-technology. Everywhere where standards pumps do not reach a satisfying lifetime, e. g. where polyols with hard fillers have to be handled, this pump offers a reliable alternative.


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