type 1 surge arrester / single-pole / 2-pole / 3-pole
BR-50GR 4P

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type 1 surge arrester / single-pole / 2-pole / 3-pole type 1 surge arrester / single-pole / 2-pole / 3-pole - BR-50GR 4P


  • Type:

    type 1

  • Other characteristics:

    single-pole, 2-pole, 3-pole, 4-pole, N-PE, DIN rail, AC, three-phase, single-phase

  • Applications:

    for electrical installations

  • Current:

    50,000 A

  • Voltage:

    385 V


· Lightning impulse current (10/350us): 50kA.
· Response time: ≤100ns.
· Max. backup fuse: 500A
· Failure indication.

· For electrical installations.
· Suitable for lightning protection of power supply system in areas with high risk of lightning strike (LPZ0B or interface between LPZ0B and LPZ1).
· Can handle lightning currents and protect sensitive electronic equipment.
· Application-optimized and prewired combined lightning current.
· Particularly useful in a high lightning density area where the risk of heavy surge current or even direct strike is high (e.g.: buildings equipped with lightning rods).

· High quality lightning protection components.
· High reliable quality assurance.
· Temperature control trip device.
· Fast response time.
· Competitively priced against other brands.

· During installation, please connect according to the installation schematic diagram.
· Power must be cut off during installation, live operation is strictly prohibited, and connecting wires must meet the requirements.