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dryer with belt conveyor / air blast / continuous / for the food industry



  • Technology:

    air blast

  • Batch/continuous:


  • Applications:

    for the food industry

  • Other characteristics:

    with belt conveyor, compact


AeroDry™ Multi-Pass Conveyor Dryer

Maximum drying results with a small footprint.

Bühler designs and manufactures its custom multi-pass conveyor dryers and ovens for use in drying and cooling a variety of products including extruded petfood and fish feed, ready-to-eat cereal, snacks and food ingredients. The multi-pass dryer features conveyor beds positioned one above the other in order to maximize capacity in the least amount of floor space.

Compact solution delivers higher production rates per plant footprint.

The multi-pass conveyor dryer is an ideal solution for plants with restricted floor space. Dual and triple-pass conveyor dryer beds can help plant owners double or triple their production capacity without expanding their plant or building. Smooth, continuous product flow is achieved with the multi-pass dryer’s first-in/first-out product control.

Consistent product quality thanks to optimal temperature and airflow control.

The multi-pass conveyor dryer uses zoned temperature control and alternating airflow to customize the thermal process and maximize the efficiency of heat/mass transfer. The design ensures consistent product characteristics across the entire conveyor bed. Multiple passes allow the product to be stacked deeper as it progresses through the drying cycle, resulting in longer retention times with more efficient and consistent drying. Even airflow with the dual plenum option provides unmatched moisture uniformity.