video corpo

current monitoring relay / single-phase / DIN rail / time delay



  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Other characteristics:

    time delay, DIN rail, single-phase

  • Trigger voltage:

    Max.: 240 V

    Min.: 24 V


The Current monitoring relay PRI-51 features its ability by controlling the heating of rods in shunts, of cables, to direct current flowing, to monitor utilization of single-phase electrical loads. This product has one-phase, one-module and DIN rail mounting. Its universal supply voltage AC ranges to 24 V to 240 V and DC 24 V, and its output contact is 1x changeover 8 A/AC1.

The supply of this product is not galvanically segregated from the measured current, must be in the similar phase. This product can be adjust its delay with 0,5 to 10 s to remove short current peaks and good in changing its current through potentiometer. The choices of 5 ranges are AC 0.1-1 A, AC 0.2-2 A, AC 0.5-5 A, AC 0.8-8 A, and AC 1.6-16 A.