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voltage monitoring relay / 1 NO/NC / time delay / DIN rail



  • Measured/monitored value:


  • Contact configuration:

    1 NO/NC

  • Other characteristics:

    time delay, DIN rail, single-phase


The Voltage monitoring relay HRN-33, HRN-34, HRN-35 features in controlling the supply voltage in various devices fragile to supply variation and secures appliances against lower/higher voltage. It also has 1-module, DIN rail mounting and 1-phase monitoring. It contributes from monitored voltage, has 3-state indication, changeable time delay for all different types which are 0 - 10 s voltage via potenciometer.

The HRN-33 provides monitor voltage with the range of AC 48 - 276 V and its Umax and Umin can be monitored separately. The HRN-34 is the same with the HRN-33 but its voltage range is DC 6 - 30 V and have tracking of battery circuits (12, 24 V). The HRN-35 is also like with the HRN-33 but its independent output relays for every voltage level and can switch the other loads.