video corpo

phase sequence monitoring relay / over-voltage / under-voltage / 1 NO/NC



  • Measured/monitored value:

    under-voltage, over-voltage, phase sequence

  • Contact configuration:

    1 NO/NC

  • Other characteristics:

    time delay, DIN rail

  • Trigger voltage:

    400 V


The HRN-54 and HRN-54N is an over/under-voltage monitoring relay. It is designed to monitor the voltage of the device that can be set on upper and lower level. It has a phase failure and sequence in switchboards and a protection in 3-phase mains. It consist of one module with a DIN rail mounting.

Its time delay can be adjusted and it removes short voltage peaks and failures in the mains. It has a red LED that indicates the faulty state of the device. The relay immediately breaks if the voltage supply falls below 60% Un.

When the device gets supplied from all phases or if one phase is faulty in HRN-54, the relay becomes functional. Meanwhile, the relay monitors in HRN-54N with a supply of L1-N fails neutral wire.