differential temperature switch / explosion-proof



  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Temperature:

    Min.: -200 °C (-328 °F)

    Max.: 650 °C (1,202 °F)


The ETS3000X by New-Flow is an explosion-proof temperature probe. The unit is a liquid-filled type and gas-filled type.

The probe has a temperature range of -70 ºC to +400 ºC for liquid-filled type, and -200 ºC to +650 ºC for gas-filled type. The liquid-filled type has a minimum of 20 M, and maximum of 30 M of remote capillary length.

The unit features a microswitch type with a normal operating voltage of maximum 250 VAC, and a maximum 5A for current. The device is designed in an aluminum alloy die-casting. In addition, it also has an internal adjusting method.