pneumatic riveter / for threaded inserts / compact



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  • Applications:

    for threaded inserts

  • Other characteristics:



The RIV998 hydro-pneumatic tool is specifically designed for the positioning of M3 to M12 Rivsert threaded female inserts and M4 to M8 Rivbolt threaded male inserts. The tool provides exceptionally dependable and solid performances that are best-in-class, owing to its excellent internal mechanical structuring and hydro-pneumatic functioning. It is thus miles ahead of its nearest competitors when it comes to high quality performing.

The highlight of the tool is the superlative resilience displayed by the components to mechanical wear. This imparts long lasting durability and enhanced efficiency in the quality of performances provided by the tool. The designing and manufacturing of the tool incorporates technically advanced engineering, contributing to a lightweight and compactly structured product, thus enabling it to be exceedingly portable and handy.

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