bending resistance testing device / mixed-signal / motorized
ISO 2493, AS/NZ 1301-4535, BS 3748, DIN 53121 | 79-25



  • Test type:

    bending resistance

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A user-friendly microprocessor-controlled instrument to determine the bending resistance of paper and paperboard!

The Bending Resistance Tester is designed to determine the bending resistance of paper and paperboard using the 2-point bending method.

- Choice of 10N or 1000mN load cell
- Min. force sensitivity: 0.5mN with 1000mN load cell
- Selectable bending angle 5.0-90° and test length 5-50mm
- Meets ISO 2493, AS/NZ 1301-4535, BS 3748, DIN 53121, SCAN P29, TAPPI T556
- RS232 serial data output, printer output and analog signal output
- Can be directly calibrated to traceable National standards

- Direct sample to load cell contact aids accurate measurement
- Easy selection of test pararameters from a comprehensive range through a setup menu
- Motorized test length setting
- Instrument can calculate Taber Stiffness units
- Pneumatic clamps with fast release provide consistent clamping pressures for fast, repeatable results
- Large, clear display showing peak value and the angle at which it was achieved
- Load cell fitted with overload protection
- Analog output (use for X-Y recorder—not included)

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