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laboratory density meter laboratory density meter - 21-21-02


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The Electronic Densimeter EW-300SG provides a highly accurate calculation of specific gravity of almost any object of any shape. The revolutionary compact design makes specific gravity measurement simple and accurate.

- For measuring solid density
- Density resolution: 0.01g/cm³
- It takes only 10 seconds to measure.
- The most suitable instrument to use for specific gravity inspection on the production line

Rubber, Plastic, Metals, Glass, Ceramic, Food, Wood, Medical

- General-purpose type with density resolution of 0.01g/cm³, weight 0.01~300g.
- Very simple measuring procedure allows anyone to use easily.
- Capable of measuring instantaneously (measurement time: about 10 seconds), this is the most suitable for the users, who have a number of samples to be measured, to use.
- Capable of measuring specific gravity of floating samples, such as urethane rubber, plastics, sponge, and wood, in the water.
- Result judgments with Comparator Mode is available.
- Easy connection to PC with standard equipped Interface (RS232C: 9 pins, male connector).
- Ethanol can be used as a liquid medium with improved Styrol Water Tank.
- Measuring the change rate of density. Indication: Weight in the air; Value of specific gravity ; Volume

- Printer AD-8121B: Dot impact type
- Airtight windshield: EW-300SG is not equipped with an airtight windshield, which is necessary, in case measurement may be difficult due to effect of wind.
- ISO-related documents: Traceability; Calibration Certificate; Report on of Inspection Results.

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