rubber cable grommet / EPDM / PVC / open



  • Material:

    rubber, EPDM, PVC

  • Type:

    open, flexible membrane, blanked, pass-through, with sealing lip

  • Other characteristics:

    IP67, waterproof, office, IP66, IP65, high-resistance

  • Diameter:

    Max.: 60 mm

    Min.: 5 mm


Our Rubber Grommets for cables and wires are manufactured from a number of high quality materials including TPR, EPDM & PVC. Being made from such materials ensures their performance across all kinds of applications and installations, with each product offered below being tried and tested to rigorous industry standards. Regularly used by Electricians and professionals inside the Electronics Industry for day to day use within wiring outlets, these Rubber Grommets work perfectly to seal off, thread through and protect cables or wires over a long period of time. Widely renowned for their ease of installation and use, our selection includes a number of different grommet styles which are perfect for all kinds of general uses, featuring ideal resistance properties against factors such as heat, weathering and uv exposure.

We stock these Grommets for cables and wires in a range of variations and sizes as can be found below, please click through to your preferred product type to view all available sizes or to request your own free samples of a particular size. Feel free to give us a quick call if you cannot find the size that you require, we are always happy to offer custom sizes where-required.

Every one of our Grommets adheres to all Electrical Guidelines & Building Regulations being flame retardant.

The Benefits Of Using Our Electrical Grommets

Manufactured specifically to meet industry guidelines and standards
Resistant to many general and advanced factors including heat
Cost effective and efficient solutions for day to day uses
Best sizing selection in the UK