paddle mixer / in-line / solid/liquid / stainless steel
TRL-H series

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paddle mixer / in-line / solid/liquid / stainless steel paddle mixer / in-line / solid/liquid / stainless steel - TRL-H series


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    stainless steel, clean-in-place (CIP)


TRL-H series are specially designed for the simple and also demanding application that include blending, emulsifying, dispersing, dissolving and homogenizing. TRL-H series blenders have very unique impeller-vane combined with inducer design. This structure allows fast dissolution and hydration of stabilizers, gums, powders, sugars and any fluids requiring sensitive shearing.
The TRL-H series blenders are perfectly suitable for many applications in different industries such as skimming milk, formulating, toppings, puddings, making sauces, mixing ice-cream, blending sugar and dressing salad.
The blender has the configuring impeller-vane design in line with fluid shear rate which guarantees extremely proficient and fast operation and decreased processing time by up to 90% when compared to conventional paddles or agitators.
All contact elements of the blenders are made of AISI316 stainless steel for pump and funnel.
The installed CIP system can be used for hygienic and clean process which eliminates hand cleaning and labor of workers besides the risk of equipment damage from COP.