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disc spring - 0436063203

The size is the first impressive aspect of this product. The internal diameter has a size...

thin spring - GN 374

The GN 374 from Elesa are primarily flat springs which deliver high-quality integration and connection with GN 268 flanges,...

disc spring -

Disk springs are generally conically-shaped, washer-type parts that are meant to be axially filled. What makes the disc springs so unique is based on the consistent calculations of DIN 2092, the actual deflection for a presented...

spiral spring - ø 10 - 63 mm, 25 - 305 mm

FIBRO manufactures special spiral compression springs, steel springs, diaphragm springs and spring shape elements. These are made from chrome-vanadium spring steel and have been cold-formed due to the rolled...

spiral spring - ø 10 - 63 mm, 25 - 305 mm

Offering a wide assortment of elastomer springs, ejectors and scrapers made with polyurethane rubber and spring shape elements, Under the column "elastomers",...

spiral spring - ø 10 - 63 mm, 25 - 305 mm

These Cablecraft hardware end fitting offers wide array of solutions to many mechanical applications. One...

spring washer - 345 series

Skiffy's 345 series is a top-quality product line that showcases a variety...

spring washer - 345 series

EMO Springs' Clock Type Springs are utilized for energy storage-related applications. These springs are also used for operations that involve re-winding and counterbalancing...

spring washer - 345 series

These are Constant Force Springs manufactured by George Emmott (Pawsons) which features its ability to extend through a working range of any position having the same force....

spring washer - 345 series

The flat pressing clips are made from flat strip steel. Emmotts is known to produce a wide range of these clips suitable for various industrial applications the...

spring washer - 345 series

George Emmott Springs offer Flat Pressings and Clips that can take on a multitude of forms. From a simple leaf spring that operates in a single plane,...

spring washer - 345 series

The compression, tension, and torsion springs, manufactured by Emmotts Springs, are equipped with a design assistance...

disc spring - 07360

The 07360 Disc Spring, manufactured by Norelem, is made of spring steel with a phosphated and greased surface finish.


disc spring - 07360

The wave spring in this product series is made from coiled flat wire, with the waves giving a spring effect. In addition, the wave springs are also superior to coil springs,...

disc spring - 07360

The Flat-wire wave spring, manufactured by Rotor Clip Company, is designed to suit...

wire spring / thin / corrugated - SST

The SST flat-wire wave spring, manufactured by Rotor Clip Company, is a single...

wire spring / thin / corrugated - NST

The wave spring is made out of pre-hardened flat wire. It is constructed in a single turn and narrow...

wire spring / thin / corrugated - MST

The MST Series, manufactured by Rotor Clip®, is a series of single-turn wave springs. These...

wire spring / compression / corrugated / thin - C, CM series

Crest-to-Crest Wave Springs are available with squared-shim ends, among other arrangements. The shim ends provide a 360° contact surface as compared...

wire spring / compression / corrugated / thin - CS, CMS series

Crest-to-Crest Wave vaults can be pre-packed and thereby reduce the vault rate in equal amounts as the number of twists. These are ideally utilized in applications that need low-moderate vault rates as well as huge...

wire spring / thin / corrugated - SSR series

This conventional gap and overlap type wave spring is often used for several applications, especially when it comes to short deflections and low to medium forces. The working principle of these devices is based on dependability...

wire spring / thin / corrugated - SSR-N series

Conventional Gap and Overlap Type are two versatile types of Smalley Wave Springs. These work reliably and precisely for short deflections and low-medium forces.

They permit the radial expansion or increase in diameter within a cavity, without...

round-wire spring / corrugated - Wavo®

Round-section wires are used for the production of Wave Springs, which provides higher loads and maintains the accurate loading that is normally found in wave springs. In addition to this, the Wavo can often be regarded as an alternative to Belleville...

round-wire spring / corrugated - Wavo®

The SPIR'RATOR spring consists of a flat spring material stressed in a tight coil then reverse wound onto an arbor and restrained by an outer casing. This spring can produce a lower force gradient than the power spring and thinner materials...

power spring - SPIR'ATOR® series

The SPIR'ATOR® prestressed spiral Power Spring is produced by reverse winding a NEGATOR on an arbor and enclosing it in a case. Rotational energy can be obtained from either...

power spring - SPIR'ATOR® series

Advantages of Machined Springs:

Precision elasticity
Integration with the entire product
Reduction of separate assemblies
Precise spring rates
Reduction of complexity and cost

When Helical Products Company revolutionized coupling technology with the HELI-CAL Flexure...

spring washer - DÄMMGULAST®

Decoupling of traverses and pipe bridges made of MPC-Support channels
Can be fitted using screws, threaded...

spring washer - DÄMMGULAST®

Spring washers are molded in acetal material that has excellent spring properties, is light weight and inexpensive. The material...

spiral spring - RSS

Canted Coil springs for latching, locking, and holding applications are available in coiled diameters...

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