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linear capper / automatic - max. 65 p/min | ML55

ML55 is a compact, intermittent movement, automatic capping machine, designed in accordance with the GMP requirements. It features a single plugging unit, and is intended for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic...

rotary capper / automatic / high-speed - max. 27 000 p/h | Multifill F850, F872

With its constructive modular design the IMA LIFE F800 series of high speed volumetric cappers is capable of handling all types of glass and plastic bottles...

linear capper / automatic - CAP 30 series, Capper series

Fast and flexible cap applicators for carton packages

HeliCap, StreamCap, TwistCap, LightCap…whatever...

bottle capper / for the pharmaceutical industry - max. 36 000 p/h

The machines in this product series are compatible with various closure types and can be used for laboratory purposes and many other applications. In...

bottle capper / for the pharmaceutical industry - max. 36 000 p/h

These units unscramble and assemble in different parts of caps, i.e. pourer, shutter and/or dust cover to assemble them into the...

bottle capper / for the pharmaceutical industry - max. 36 000 p/h

This capping machine from Tenco is suitable for capping pilerproof aluminum caps and plugs of any size. It comes with an original seal and...

twist-off cap capper - 500 - 600 p/h

The Twist Off Pneumatic Capper is a high quality device specifically used for plastic screw caps. It is an air-manipulated capper especially created to close any specific applications...

linear capper / automatic - MT Lineare

MT capping machines offer a vast range of viable solutions for various capping needs. They are conducive to configuration, so that they can enable capping in automatic cap placing or twist-on capping applications. Different heads are attachable and changeable that can work with ribbed,...

linear capper / automatic - NT2000-PTA

The NT2000-PTA is an automatic linear capping machine designed with a 2 m transport...

vacuum capping machine - max. 100 p/min | MVP

The MVP is a vacuum stoppering machine manufactured by Cozzoli®....

semi-automatic capping machine - max. 30 p/min | PS series

The Cozzoli SC50T Screw Capping is specifically designed for applications involving seat plugs, caps and...

rotary capper / automatic - 100 - 400 p/min | RS series

The RS series is an automatic rotary capping machine that can be installed with an innovative stoppering...

crimping machine capping machine - max. 50 p/min | CM60A

The CM60A is a crimp sealing machine manufactured by...

crimping machine capping machine - CMM50 Series

This Crimp Sealing Monoblock is quoted to singulate, crimp, and tray load vials with crimp seals at rates of up...

twist-off cap capper - max. 18 000 p/h | IND-Close 12, IND-Close 14

The Twist-Off Capping Range is highly designed and created to promote a good functioning machine incorporated with a excellent...

crimping machine capping machine - max. 2 500 p/h

The Crimp Capping Machine is a monobloc specifically designed for capsule or champagne...

pressure capping machine - max. 120 p/min

The FILLINGmachine Capping Module 11 Pressing system is used in pressing caps toward containers....

bottle capper - 2 000 p/h | NTR, TAA, FT

The Marine G&C Type NTR + TAA - FT, a conveyor belt with automatic capping group working...

pressure capping machine - 2 000 - 3 000 p/h | TAP/FT

The TAP/FT, manufactured by Marin G&C, is a closing spraytrigger...

pressure capping machine - 2 000 - 3 000 p/h | TAP/FT

This linear machine from Metalnova is suitable for use...

crimping machine capping machine - 1 000 - 3 000 p/h | CAP 3000

The CAP 3000 is a rotating capping machine designed with a digital electronic technology and electronic...

crimping machine capping machine - max. 2 500 p/h | DC 2500

The automatic cap-dispensing machines can dispense caps manufactured from poly-laminate, tin and shrinkable...

linear capping machine / pressure / automatic / bottles - 1 800 - 3 600 p/h

Vial Capping Machine is type of capping machine which is used to apply the Flip off type of cap on vial / bottle in injectable Plant.

Salient Features:

Our Single head vial capping machine is having following inbuilt salient features

Total cGMP model.
Parts coming in contact...

multi-head capping machine / pressure / automatic / bottles - max. 400 p/min

Salient Features:

Total cGMP model.
Parts coming in contact with the vial / aluminum cap /exposed to the atmosphere are made out of stainless steel.
Single motor synchronizes conveyor, star wheels and platform turret and speed can be varied...

pressure capping machine / semi-automatic / bottles - 1 000 - 2 400 p/h | NCS -50R

We manufacture the Semi Automatic ROPP Capping Machine for the Start up industries where the production requirement is lower.

Salient Feature of Machines

The unit is made compact & versatile
S.S. elegantly matt finished body.
Built in front control...

linear capping machine / pressure / automatic / bottles - 35 - 60 p/min | NKCS-60R

N.K Industries represent the Single Head ROPP Capping Machine which can apply the ROPP cap on Bottle at a speed 50 bottle / minute.

Salient Feature of Machines:

Single head ROPP capping machine have following inbuilt features

Parts coming in contact with the vial / aluminum cap / exposed to the...

pressure capping machine / linear / multi-head / automatic - max. 300 p/min | NKCS-X50R series

We are pioneer machine manufacture especially in the range of ROPP capping machine. And our ranges of multi head ROPP capping machine are running successfully in INDIA as well as aboard.


Total cGMP model.
Parts coming in contact with the vial / aluminium cap / exposed...

multi-head capping machine / can / bottle-top / bottle - max. 24 000 p/h | RLV 4

This multi-spindle capping machine is suitable for the capping of bottles, cans,...

online capping machine / bottle-top / bottle / can - max. 3 600 p/h | GKV series

The single-spindle capping machine GKV is suitable for the capping of bottles, flacons, glass...

bottle capper - max. 500 p/min

TÖLKE cappers are suitable for capping a great variety of containers. The standard equipment includes continuously running cappers (Type ROTARY) as well as intermittently working cappers (Type UNI). The necessary type is chosen according to the requirements and the specification profile of the machine. If several different caps (e.g. plugs + cap...

semi-automatic capping machine - TVL.500

The TVL.500 semi-automatic and electrical capping machine, manufactured by TEM, is made for capping pillerproof metal caps,...

capping machine - CT-500

The CT-500 Capsuling Machine, manufactured by TEM, is specifically designed for usage...

semi-automatic capping machine - TV.DM.800

The TV.DM.800 model, assembled by Toscana Enologica Mori, is a capping machine that features a semi automatic...

pressure capping machine - 10 - 800 p/min | CAPD series

The CAPD series of products contains several advanced bottle cappers, designed to run insert and push-on style closure, which users can normally find in the personal care and chemical...

bottle capper / for the pharmaceutical industry - 10 - 600 p/min | ST series

The ST Series pharmaceutical seal bottle cappers features a specific design for the application of crimp seal closures for pharmaceutical applications. It functions at speed of exceeding 600 vials per minute. In addition, the small...

bottle capper - 10 - 800 p/min | CA series

The CA Series offered by Fowler is a customized roll on type bottle cappers with several features available for use. With high speeds and high accuracy, the CA Series is not only quick, it is reliable....

bottle capper - 10 - 800 p/min | CA series

The Steelco Re-capper is used for automatically recapping feeding bottles. It features its five phases cycle. This includes the cap loading,...

bottle capper - MITO

The MITO recapping module is made for small- and medium-size animal science facilities. With this machine, bottle recapping is easier and convenient...

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