Computer-controlled analyzers

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electrical network analyzer / power factor / portable / computer-controlled
electrical network analyzer

system offers precise measurement of dissipation/power factor (Tan Delta) and capacitance for testing insulation in high-voltage equipment.TANDO 700 also measures additional parameters such as power, current, voltage, impedance and frequency. ...

communication network analyzer / for electrical networks / voltage / benchtop
communication network analyzer

... automation system. All acquisition units are accurately time synchronized. DANEO 400 units are configured and controlled by the DANEO Control PC software. A selected feature set is also available via ...

carbon dioxide analyzer / oxygen / flue gas / carbon monoxide
carbon dioxide analyzer

... changes - Turnkey system including Industrial PC with Windows based eSAM FT software for on-board data acquisition and processing - TOC measurement by FID possible, using the complementary Graphite ...

particle analyzer / for particle size analysis / form / handheld
particle analyzer

The development of the HAVER CPA 2-1 HR meets your expectations for efficient measurement of even finest powder in laboratories and guarenteed a measuring range from 10 µm to 4 mm. Combinated with a dispersion technology for a uniform ...

voltage analyzer / for integration / digital / computer-controlled
voltage analyzer

... with a simple configuration designed for controlling an installation’s maximum demand. The unit is equipped with a power analyzer that measures electrical parameters at the connection point. The MDC-4 is equipped ...

electrical network analyzer / power / portable / digital
electrical network analyzer
AR5L series

... with menus Optional operation with no external power supply, with an autonomy of up to 8 hours RS-232 Communications with PC Clamp auto-detection Auto-selection of parameters stored Calculation of the time remaining ...

mercury analyzer / concentration / benchtop / monitoring
mercury analyzer

Fully automated flow analysis system Compact modular construction Proven and reliable detection method: cold vapor atomic absorption (CVAAS) Integrated GoldTrap for a maximum of sensitivity of <1 ng/l Wide linear measuring range Easy ...

metal analyzer / portable / computer-controlled / 2D
metal analyzer
SmartSite RS

... operation thanks to pre-define measurement and sample parameters. Remote operation through a tablet PC and Wi-Fi The instrument is remotely controlled by a table PC equipped with Wi-Fi ...

particle size analysis analyzer / particle / benchtop / automatic
particle size analysis analyzer

... very small quantities, the automatic small volume wet dispersion unit SVA with illuminated dispersion bath and the compact manual small volume wet dispersion unit SVM are available. The practical, fully automatic AutoSampler ...

flue gas analyzer / methane / carbon / process gas
flue gas analyzer

... software •Industrial PC •LCD color display and high résistant keyboard interfaces •Analogical and digital interfaces •Methane séparation analytical kit •Hydrogen métal hydride gas cylinder (for Mercury only) All ...

nitrogen analyzer / protein / for organic material / combustion
nitrogen analyzer

DUMATHERM® technology has established itself as a key component of food and animal feed laboratories. The sturdy, powerful DUMATHERM® system provides valid reference results cleanly, quickly and steadily. And it can do so in almost any ...

toxicity analyzer / water / online / with touchscreen
toxicity analyzer

... : + 90 kg (+ 20 kg with optional air-conditioning) - Housing with glass front door, can be locked for protection. - Build-in PC with keyboard and touchpad, DVD reader/writer. - 17 inch TFT screen, Ethernet Controller, ...

oxygen analyzer / permeability / benchtop / computer-controlled
oxygen analyzer

C230 Oxygen Transmission Rate Test System is newly upgraded based on OX2/230. Comprared with OX2/230, C230 Oxygen transmission Rate Test System is featured with more professional, more efficiency and more Intelligent. More Efficiency 1. ...

carbon analyzer / nitrogen / hydrogen / elemental
carbon analyzer

Application SDCHN435 can be used to determine the carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen content in coal, coke, food, solid wastes,soil, fertilizer, etc in the fields of power plant, coal mine, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, steel factory ...

sulfur analyzer / coal / elemental / benchtop
sulfur analyzer

Application It can be used to determine the total sulfur content in combustibles such as coal, coke, petroleum, solid wastes and other solid biomass fuels in the field of power plant, coal mining, petrochemical, cement and steel factory, ...

sulfur analyzer / elemental / benchtop / automatic
sulfur analyzer

... ⑥Capable of connecting with network and balance by RS232 interface. ⑦With Ethernet communication technology, one PC controls several analyzers.

metal analyzer / heavy metal / trace / benchtop
metal analyzer

In compliance with the current regulations (i.e. EC REGULATION n° 466/2001) on the maximum concentration level, heavy metal detection in waters, air, ground, food, oil and cosmetic fields has become fundamental for the public and environmental ...

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air analyzer / permeability / benchtop / computer-controlled
air analyzer

... permeability apparatus Dyckerhoff system, 2 measuring cells For testing and calculation of the Blaine value * A standard PC with monitor is required to operate this system in which is not supplied by us Scope ...

electrical network analyzer / spectrum / portable / real-time
electrical network analyzer

... Portable – USB Spectrum Analyzer ready to connect to a PC with USB 3.0 Customizable – Configure RSA306 + SignalVu-PC for Internet of Things, Interference Hunting or Education ...

nitrogen analyzer / carbon monoxide / carbon / flue gas
nitrogen analyzer

... Concentration (SPC) for the analysis of TOC/TN using high temperature combustion. The Torch Analyzer contains a built in autosampler with three vial rack choices and PC driven control. This features ...

oxygen analyzer / carbon dioxide / flue gas / carbon monoxide
oxygen analyzer

EM-5P portable flue gas analyzer is developed on UV DOAS (Ultra Violet Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy) technology. It can be used to monitor SO2, NO, O2 and other gas in flue gas. The detection ...

iron analyzer / benchtop / compact / computer-controlled
iron analyzer
getCube NIR 0017 basic

Our getCube NIR 0017 basic consists of a compact analyser unit in an IP65 housing with integrated spectrometer, light source, software, embedded PC and storage battery. The external connector for measuring ...

multi-element analyzer / color / benchtop / automatic
multi-element analyzer
max. 170 test/h | SMARTCHEM 170

The Smartchem: fully automated discrete analyzer to minimize human intervention, improve analytical performance, and streamline sample workflow The Smartchem combines the latest technology in discrete analysis with ...

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