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hydraulic press / forming / for production / automatic
hydraulic press
OPI.M series

Force: 1,250 kN - 10,000 kN

The presses in the monolithic series are widely used in a vast range of applications in a whole host of different industries involving sheet metal working. The machines can also be supplied complete with dies and automatic feeding systems. ...

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hydraulic press / forming
hydraulic press

Force: 2,500 kN

The XFTspeed range of presses is designed for fast retooling and high cycle rates. Using state-of-the-art servo drive technology has resulted in cycle rates that have been impossible up to now. As the XFTspeed 2500, the range is available ...

hydraulic press / forming / workshop
hydraulic press
RPY, RPES series

Opening: 350 mm
Force: 117.7, 147.1 kN

... request. Applications Pressing and removing of bolts, shafts, bearings. Straightening of beams, profiles, axles, shafts. Forming, bending, crimping. General load tests and tests of weld specimens. Stamping, cutting, ...

RTM forming press / automatic / laboratory / for composite materials
RTM forming press

Opening: 75 mm
Force: 15 kN

Technical Data: Pressing area 200 x 200 mm Pressing Force 15 kN Opening 75 mm Max. temperature 250 °C Cooling no Mode of operation Downstroke

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manual press / stamping / riveting / toggle
manual press

Opening: 60 mm - 600 mm
Force: 2.5 kN - 22 kN

... adjustment of the press depth via hardened lower stop Fully adjustable, play-free Teflon-lined gibs Applications : Assembling, riveting, bordering, crimping, embossing, numbering, deforming, stamping, cutting Deformation ...

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SCHMIDT Technology
lamination press / for steel
lamination press

... multiple processes in a single unit Our modular approach to system design means we can combine different types of press - and different press stages - into one continuous production process. This multi-stage ...

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Sandvik TPS
hydraulic press / straightening
hydraulic press

Opening: 13 in
Force: 784.5 kN - 1,961.3 kN

... with remote control hand switch. Operator can view work from all sides with fingertip control of cylinder piston travel. PRESS FEATURSE: Adjustable lower bed width – For secure balancing and centering of heavy ...

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SPX Hydraulic Technologies
hydro-pneumatic press / stamping / C-frame
hydro-pneumatic press
PC series

Force: 80 kN - 2,000 kN

The design of our C-Frame-Presses catches everyones attention. The slim construction earned a design award and was made possible by the integration of our compact TOX Powerpackage cylinders. The welded and stress relieved frame body is ...

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hydraulic press / forming / for composite parts
hydraulic press

The RKP series is manufactured by Lauffer, and is a fiber reinforced plastics press that is highly appropriate for huge-volume parts, which has a thermoset or thermoplastic matrix. It has a quick closing time or long ...

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Lauffer Pressen GmbH & Co. KG, Maschinenfabrik
hydraulic press / lamination / for photovoltaic modules / for production
hydraulic press
Spi-Frame Press™ 4600

Module Frame Press Description Spi-Frame Press™ 4600 provides a photovoltaic production frame with the capability to install edge sealant and frames on module laminates. The frame perimeter consists ...

mechanical press / electric / stamping / bending
mechanical press

Opening: 0 mm - 500 mm
Force: 0 kN - 400 kN

... out-of-spec parts are produced, eliminating scrap. Press methods include pressing to a force, distance, rate increase and decrease, relative distance and more. Programming every aspect of the press’ ...

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FEC Automation Systems
hydraulic press / straightening / deep drawing / swaging
hydraulic press
D series

Opening: 250, 300 mm
Force: 797.1, 2,192.1, 2,989.2, 996.4, 1,494.6 kN

Specifically designed to perform work involving fretwork, deep-drawing, punching, bending, straightening, etc. Consist of an electro welded structure made solely of SR355JR steel. They are mechanized at the end of the structural welding ...

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pneumatic press / bending / drawing / riveting
pneumatic press

PNEUMATIC PRESS FOR: punching - bending - riveting - drawing - cutting - forming - inserting

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MORUECO s.r.l.
hydraulic press / bending / straightening / vertical
hydraulic press

Force: 30 tf

convenient for pressing-, bending- and straightening-works manometer indicates the pressure force perfect work shop assistance for maintenance and assembling solid single stage hydraulic cylinder automatic ...

manual press / bending / straightening / broaching
manual press
DP 1

Properties For pressing in and out of bearings, bushes, ... The basic body of the model DP 5 made of high quality gray cast iron Models DP 1, DP 2 and DP 3 designed in torsion-free steel construction Including mounting ...

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hydraulic press / mechanical / bending / forging
hydraulic press

... used for generation of huge amount of mechanical energy for large scale industrial operation is 2000 Ton Hydraulic Forging Press. We will provide with latest design, accurate and reliable equipment at a very low price. ...

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hydromech automation pvt ltd
H-frame press / hydraulic / drawing / deep drawing
H-frame press

Force: 35 tf - 500 tf

... Function: Deep drawing, forming of operations of metals. Metal die set is used on the process. - Application Areas :Automotive Industry, Whitegoods Industry ,defence industry , and Metal Industry - Basic Data ...

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Cematek Mühendislik Makina Imalat
hydraulic press / straightening / bending
hydraulic press

Force: 49 kN - 343.2 kN

*HP-15A Shown in Image For pressing, bending and straightening operations Easy-to-use, hand-operated with pressure gauge for direct pressure readings Tables raise and lower easily with use of hand crank on the 15- and ...

manual press / stamping / punching / riveting
manual press

Force: 7 kN - 30 kN

... used to control the loading and clamping processes. The effective work pressure is applied by the hammer spring press. The hammer spring press is supplied with three hammer springs.

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hydraulic press / forging / for production / rotary
hydraulic press

For the production of large batches. This machine has three handling stations through which up to 24 press units can be moved stepwise by means of a round table. Station 1: For removal of the finished pads, cleaning ...

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IAG Industrie Automatisierungsgesellschaft m.b.H.
electric press / forging / with heating plates
electric press

manual press / rack-and-pinion / forming / bench-top
manual press
AP-3R / AP-5

DESCRIPTION Our AP-3R arbor press harnesses a whopping 3 tons of force. A great value, this sheet metal-forming arbor press will offer decades of profitable duty at full capacity. 3 ...

high-speed press / hydraulic / deep drawing / cold
high-speed press

... particular quality of this press stand out include: electrowelded steel structure, calculated to have the utmost rigidity and minimum flexure under maximum stress, which guarantees perfect functionality for all operations; press ...

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electro-hydraulic press / bending / horizontal
electro-hydraulic press
HP 22 / 40

Standard Accessories Solid work table made in special spheroid cast iron (HP 40) and ST 52 steel plate (HP 22) suitably shaped to withstand loads notably greater to all bending stresses Easy adjustable stroke distance from front side Hydraulically ...

hydraulic press / manually-controlled / lamination / calibration
hydraulic press
150-C / 30-12-L

Opening: 2, 3 in

... 2112) Laminating Press, 12 Ton Capacity with Safety Shield Four 6" x 6" aluminum platens for one hot and one cold daylight opening. Thermostat control of heated platens in top opening. No. 4132 (formerly 2630) ...

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Carver Inc.