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norelem - Éléments standard mécaniquesの全製品

Spring plungers Indexing plungers Stops Centring and positioning components Locking pins T-slot nuts 03000

Operating Parts 06000

Fasteners Ball-end thrust screws and grippers Thrust screws and thrust pads Torque bolts and threaded inserts Lifting bolts Swivel bales Ring bolts 07000

Drilling jigs Drill bushes Jig elements 08000

Mounting technologie 10000

Slides Guide rails Positioning tables Linear guide systems Position indicators 21000

Drive technology 22000

Clevis joints Rod ends Ball joints Axial joints Height adjusting elements Swivel feet Levelling feet Tube-end plugs Equipment feet Hinges 27000

Concentricity gauges Dial gauges 32000

Workholding system