liquid level indicator / water / fuel / for biodiesel



  • Fluid:

    liquid, water, fuel, for biodiesel, for diesel

  • Technology:

    visual, electro-pneumatic

  • Display:


  • Other characteristics:

    for tanks, with battery, top-mounted


Level Transmitter Pneumatic DTA 10 is a device used to measure and display the contents of liquids in any tank.
This system is suitable for continuous level measurement in tanks with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel and water (not drinkable), for filling heights up to 4 meters.

Level measurement without the need for connection, with digital display and signaling of minimum level (reserve) in the course of the measurement procedure.
The measured values ​​are given in liters, and% fill height (cm).
Simple operation and setting of the device by means of three buttons.
Attack in the measuring circuit for tubes with inner diameter of 4 mm.

Main features:

Universal application for tanks up to 4 mt. height or diameter
Density settable within between 0.5 and 1.5 g / cm3, therefore suitable for a large number of fluids
Digital display with backlight
Indication of the measured value in liters, and% level (cm)
Language used for command and informed a choice German, English or French
Battery powered
Function Push-To-Read: just press a button to put the device into operation
Remote indication up to 15 mt.