magnetic float level indicator / liquid / oil / water
RIL650 VisuLevel



  • Fluid:

    liquid, oil, water

  • Technology:

    bypass, magnetic, magnetic float, float

  • Display:


  • Other characteristics:

    for tanks, threaded, glass, plastic, with temperature sensor, with thermostat, with integrated position sensor


Measuring principle of communicating vessels
Measuring range up to 3000 mm
Output signal 1 Microswitch SPDT - SPST
Threaded process connection 3/8 "Gas
Tube material in methacrylate or glass pyrex
Temperature up to 205°C
Pressure up to 5 bar

These visual levels are made to provide a visual and electromagnetic control of liquids in tanks with the possibility of sending a signal light and sound or to activate or stop the electric circuit connected to it.
The electromagnetic control can be minimum or maximum (or minimum and maximum).

Our electromagnetic levels are suitable for:

hydraulic power packs
tanks containing water, gas oil, mineral oils with viscosity not higher than 80°E and all other liquids except acids or flammable substances.


When the float of the indicator encounters the Reed switch incorporated in the tube at the pre-established distance, the contact, activated by the magnet housed in the float, opens or closes. SPDT (exchange) contacts are also provided.


The ranges differ in the number of electrical contacts. In the more complete version (RIL650 VisuLevel + IE/2) there are two contacts, for minimum and maximum level. On request, they can be provided with a 70 mm long bimetal probe thermometer with Ø 40 mm body in chromed cast brass and scale of 0° to 120°C (the thermometer is incorporated in the clamping union).