turntable stretch wrapper / automatic / pallet / stretch film



  • Type:


  • Operating mode:


  • Product applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    stretch film, with top cover sheet dispenser

  • Height:

    2,000 mm

  • Width:

    2,000 mm

  • Length:

    3,000 mm


Technology data:
Max load size(mm)1200 (L)×1200(W)×1600(H)mm
Packing efficiency0-20 loads / hour
Rotating turntable speed3-15rpm
Height of turntable400mm
Supply scope
1 Rotating turntable 1set
Turntable diameter: 2000mm
Turntable height: 400mm from floor
Roller dia.: 76mm*3mm, galvanized
Slew bearing driven, motor: SEW
2 Mast with film carriage 1 set
Film carriage lifting driving: chain driving, good stability and high reliability
Driving reducer: worm gear reducer
Open-door type film carriage
Motor brand: Chinese brand; power: 0.37kw
3 Film feeding & cutting device 1set
When stretch wrapping finish, the film will be cut and clamped automatically.
When the film tail is released from the clamp, the air shooter will blow the film tail up, then the film tail will be wrapped by stretch film and keep it tightly with the pallet to ensure no film tail produced.
Film hot melt cutting adopts electrical heating wire to cut the film.
4 Control system 1set
PLC control system with touch screen, 8 sets of parameter settings available
Cut film automatically after wrapping finished
Film tension control adjustable
Carriage up/down speed adjustable
Safety tower light alarm
5 Top sheet dispenser 1set
Top sheet length: adjustable according to the pallet
Sheet delivery speed: 9.5m/min
Film feeding frame moving speed: 4.5m/min
Sheet cutting: knife blade, pneumatic driven
Film roll width: Max. 1800mm
Top-sheet length: 1100-1800mm (max) adjustable
Film roll is placed upper ground, auto film cutting
Motor: SEW


Stretch wrapping machine