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Rotor wind

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rotating rack bakery oven rotating rack bakery oven - Rotor wind


  • Type:

    rotating rack

  • Product:

    cake, baked goods

  • Function:


  • Other characteristics:


  • Maximum temperature:

    300 °C (572 °F)


Bread and sweets pastries wrapped in a pleasant swirl

Rotor Wind is a convection oven that goes out of its way to meet your production needs. It comes in various different models from the smallest able to contain8 trays, to the largest, making it possible to cook with 36 trays simultaneously (40×60 cm).

If you have a large bakery or pastry shop, this is the oven best suited for your workspace because the convection technique gives high productivity. To get maximum versatility, you can combine the Rotor Wind for 8 trays with static ovens like the Teorema Polis Pw.

Electric proofer

The electric proofers allow you to store the products to be cooked in an environment with controlled temperature and humidity in order to ensure perfect leavening. The proofers are compatible with the racks on the Rotor Wind rotary ovens so that you can move the entire rack into the oven and proceed with baking, with evident savings on time and work.

“Rotor Wind” convection ovens for bakeries and pastry shops

If you manage a bakery or a pastry shop with a high production capacity, Rotor is the oven with a rotating trolley for rapid loading and unloading powered by gas, fuel oil or electricity adapted to your working methods.

5 good reasons for making Rotor Wind your convection oven

1. Elevated production
2. Convection cooking
3. Extractable trolley for which makes it easier to use
4. Wide range to choose from
5. Made to measure combinations available


> Bread

> Pastry Shop