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SMC Corporation of America KS series
pneumatic threaded fitting KS series SMC Corporation of America

The series of fittings of type LL, L, DL and H come with five tube and ten style versions, as well as a wide range of fittings...

1 products Clippard
11 products SWAGELOK
threaded fitting SWAGELOK

Pipe Fittings and Gaugeable Mechanically Attached Pipe Fittings We offer a wide variety of pipe fittings including...

SWAGELOK 3/4'' | B-12-HCG
brass threaded fitting 3/4'' | B-12-HCG SWAGELOK

This pipe fitting is constructed from brass. The brass pipe...

SWAGELOK 3/4'' | SS-12-UBJ
stainless steel threaded fitting 3/4'' | SS-12-UBJ SWAGELOK

The SS-12-UBJ is a high quality pipe fitting that is manufactured out of stainless...

HANSA FLEX Hydraulik DN 4 - 42, PN 400 | XW series
threaded elbow fitting DN 4 - 42, PN 400 | XW series HANSA FLEX Hydraulik

Connection 1 + 2 metric cylindrical outer thread Sealing form...

HANSA FLEX Hydraulik DN 4 - 31, 450 bar | SKF HL series
screw coupling DN 4 - 31, 450 bar | SKF HL series HANSA FLEX Hydraulik

Application General application, e.g. in industry, construction...

2 products Ham-Let
Ham-Let 1/8%u2033 | 102HSS1/8
stainless steel cross threaded coupling 1/8%u2033 | 102HSS1/8 Ham-Let

HAM-LET pipeline connectors are ideal for use in gas, power and oil generation. They are engineered...

Ham-Let 1/8″ | 102HB1/8
brass threaded cross fitting 1/8″ | 102HB1/8 Ham-Let

The HAM-LET® Pipeline range of connectors is manufactured for typical applications in chemical and petrochemical processing plants, as well...

Partek Division 1/8
threaded fitting 1/8" - 1", 125 psi | PFA series Partek Division

The Parker Pipe Fittings is a product of ingenuity and brilliance. They are commonly applied...

Parker Climate Systems Division 1/4
stainless steel threaded fitting 1/4" - 1" Parker Climate Systems Division

For easy to maintain, fluid transfer applications for refrigeration and air-conditioning systems, Parker 5400 Self-Sealing Steel Couplings can be used. This can also be...

GF Piping Systems ø 1 - 2
brass threaded tee fitting ø 1 - 2" | BR4T series GF Piping Systems

GF’s piping systems offer this PVDF insert which is designed to fit in...

Parker Tube Fittings GE-M series
brass threaded fitting GE-M series Parker Tube Fittings

GE-M BRASS is an industrial fitting tube to straight thread. It is the...

Parker Tube Fittings WE-M series
brass threaded elbow fitting WE-M series Parker Tube Fittings

This WE-M male stud elbow is constructed from brass. It is part of...

Parker Tube Fittings S series
stainless steel screw coupling S series Parker Tube Fittings

The high-quality stainless steel used by the manufacturer for the construction...

Parker Tube Fittings TEE-R series
stainless steel tee threaded fitting TEE-R series Parker Tube Fittings

TEE-R STAINLESS STEEL Adjustable locknut branch...

2 products AIGNEP
6 products Bimba
new Bimba
pneumatic threaded fitting Bimba

To meet connection requirements, Pneumadyne manufactures a variety of straight connector fittings. Our standard 10-32 thread features a captured o-ring design for a superior seal and the reliability...

new Bimba
threaded elbow fitting Bimba

Two styles of Adjustable Elbows are available to ease installation and meet application requirements. Slotted style fittings feature a screwdriver slot for alignment purposes and are ideal...

brass threaded tee fitting Bimba

Fixed Tees are available to meet connection requirements; thread sizes range from 10-32 to 3/8 NPT and barb sizes range from 1/16 to 3/8 tube Id. The single-barb design of the Pneu-Edge® fitting...

new Bimba
stainless steel threaded fitting Bimba

Barbed Straight Connector 303 stainless steel fittings have thread sizes ranging from 10-32 UNF to ¼ NPT and barb sizes from 1/16 to 3/8 Tube ID. The single-barb design produces a tighter...

new Bimba
stainless steel elbow threaded fitting Bimba

303 stainless steel elbows have male and female threads ranging from 10-32 UNF, 1/8 and 1/4 NPT and barb sizes from 1/16 to ¼ Tube ID. A single-barb design provides a tight...

new Bimba
stainless steel tee threaded fitting Bimba

Stainless Steel Tee fittings have both thread-to-barb and barb-to-barb styles. Adjustable and fixed configurations are also available in a thread-to-barb combination. Our single-barb...

2 products CEJN
CEJN 1/8 - 3/4
brass threaded fitting 1/8 - 3/4" CEJN

A wide range of hose connectors; male-to-male...

CEJN 3/8 - 1
stainless steel threaded fitting 3/8 - 1" CEJN

A wide range of hose connectors; male-to-male...

Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH
stainless steel threaded fitting Armaturenwerk Hötensleben GmbH

We aim for top quality at fair prices! Our products combine high-quality materials, state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and certified processes. They meet strictest quality, hygiene...

1 products FG INOX
stainless steel threaded fitting ISO FG INOX

316L machined stainless steel unions, threaded, with hose shank or to weld...

1 products PREVOST
1 products Cepex SER
Cepex SER
threaded fitting Cepex SER

Threaded fittings: reducing nipples, nipples and plugs. Hose...

11 products STAUFF
gear pump flange GP-FL-LK-G STAUFF

▪ Working Pressure: 180 bar ......

gear pump flange GP-LK-L/S STAUFF

4-hole Flange Connection with 24° Cone Connector (acc....

gear pump flange WP-LK-L/S STAUFF

4-hole 90° Flange Connection with 24° Cone Connector...

gear pump flange WP-3-LK STAUFF

3-hole 90° Flange Connection with 24° Cone Connector...

gear pump flange WP-3-LK-G STAUFF

3-hole 90° Screw-in BSPP Threaded Flange WP-3-LK-G ▪...

gear pump flange WP-LK-G STAUFF

4-hole 90° Screw-in BSPP Threaded Flange WP-LK-G ▪...

3 products TECVAL, S.L.
TECVAL, S.L. 1/8 - 1
stainless steel threaded fitting 1/8 - 1" | AMA TECVAL, S.L.

The coupling FemalexFemale is used to connect easily two threaded...

TECVAL, S.L. 1/8 - 1
stainless steel female-female elbow threaded fitting 1/8 - 1" | ACI TECVAL, S.L.

The equal elbow is used to change easly the direction of the tube 90º...

TECVAL, S.L. 1/8 - 1
stainless steel tee threaded fitting 1/8 - 1" | ATI TECVAL, S.L.

The equal tee is used to create easly a connection perpendicular to the direction of...

7 products ADAPTAFLEX
1 products AIRPRESS
AIRPRESS 1/4 - 1
screw coupling 1/4 - 1" AIRPRESS

Specification With outside thread Item number Pipe diameter (mm) Thread ( 966051713...

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