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BMS gateway / fieldbus / Ethernet - COMTRAXX® COM460IP

The COMTRAXX® COM460IP Series, manufactured by Bender, is a BMS-Ethernet gateway...

BMS gateway / fieldbus / Ethernet - COMTRAXX® CP700

The CP700 is specifically designed to provide a good quality functionality in all related areas the device will be utilized. The CP700...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet / BMS - COMTRAXX® COM461MT

TheCOM461MT is a BMS-Ethernet fieldbus Gateway. It uses a Modbus or TCP server capable of converting...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet / BMS - COMTRAXX® COM462RTU

The COMTRAXX® COM462RTU Series, manufactured by Bender, is a BMS-Modbus/RTU gateway equipped...

PROFIBUS gateway / fieldbus - IPBUS1

The IPBUS1 is a serial gateway engineered by Ados. It features RS485 PROFIBUS and RS485 lines to interface the indicator.

The gateway has an Auto...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet - RS232 - RS485 | IPRS-1220

The series of IPRS gateways can incorporate one or more tools in a single IP...

wireless sensor networks WSN gateway - Radio - Ethernet l COL22

With the Newsteo Collector, remote collection of incoming data from multiple Newsteo loggers is enabled via Ethernet. The information is stored remotely on a secured server. Data logger measurement...

HART gateway / serial / fieldbus - PI-485™

The PI-485 HART Controller is designed to convert HART digital sounds into serial data according to RS-485 MODBUS Protocol. This intelligent micro-compressor has four galvanically isolated digital input...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet / serial / MODBUS - COMETH-FIELD-RD

The COMETH FIELD RD from ACKSYS is specially engineered over Ethernet TCP/IP, making it ideal for extreme industrial...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet - WLg-DONGLE

The Wlg-Dongle from ACKSYS depend on the same technology utilized in the WLg-xxx series and thus profit from tested technology, device is very compact and is specifically...

fieldbus gateway / MODBUS / Ethernet / serial - WLg-IDA/S

The WLg-IDA/S is an important serial to wireless (WiFi) server. It is constructed for transportation and industrial...

fieldbus gateway / wireless - WLg-xROAD/S

WLg-xROAD/S is a robust tool that is engineered for applications in road and rail transport,depots, storerooms, farming, producing floors, docks, dispensation centers, ship and lumberyards. It can be mounted...

Ethernet gateway / fieldbus / MODBUS / serial - WLg-DONGLE-OEM

The WLg-DONGLE-OEM is manufactured by Acksys, and is especially designed to satisfy the needs of the system integrator market. The radio link is made safe by...

Ethernet gateway / MODBUS / TCP - Z-BRIDGE2

The serial protocol converter known as Z-Bridge2 has been designed to convert from ModBUS RTU to ModBUS TCP/IP. It is powered by an AC/DC supply with N.1 Ethernet port, N.1 USB port and RS485...

MODBUS gateway / fieldbus - Z-GATEWAY

This is the Z-GATEWAY industrial gateway. This industrial gateway has three main units which are ModBUS RTU Master which collects and updates the buffer with the registers of the MODBUS slave...

fieldbus gateway - Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Modbus TCP | GATEWAY 300

Gateway 300 is extensively used for transfer data of weight, pressure and force, measured by the sensors connected to tools, to the industrial network. The converter used for communication protocols works...

MODBUS gateway / fieldbus - BMM-101

BMM-101 is a single port Modbus gateway....

Ethernet gateway / security - SEL-3620

The SEL-3620 is a router, virtual private network (VPN) endpoint, and firewall device that can perform security proxy services for serial and Ethernet-based intelligent electronic devices (IEDs)....

fieldbus gateway / wireless - CANlink Bluetooth

CANlink Bluetooth from Michaelides Electronics allows wireless data transfer between two CAN networks or with a PC, Laptop, or PDA using a bluetooth connection. Additional devices with bluetooth interfaces can transmit data to each as long...

fieldbus gateway / wireless - CANlink WLAN

Product facilitates the wireless transmission of the CAN data between the CAN and WLAN/LAN networks.The transmission of CAN data throughput is possible between the CAN networks/between CAN and WLAN/LAN network, because of CANlink WLAN which ...

fieldbus gateway / wireless - CANlink GSM 5001 / 5101

The CANlink GSM 5001 / 5101 is fieldbus gateway engineered by RM Michaelides Software & Elektronik. It is configured to utilize...

fieldbus gateway / wireless - CANlink GSM 2001 / 2101

Designed for encryption of safe data transfer, the CANlink GSM 2001 / 2101 devices utilizes the GPRS/GSM network for the mobile communication of CAN data worldwide. Adding to this, CANlink GSM 2001 / 2101 can be set...

fieldbus gateway / wireless - CANlink GSM 5102

The CANlink GSM 5102 is manufactured by RM Michaelides and is a CAN interface that is ideal for use with CAN networks via GSM/GPRS with integrated...

MODBUS gateway / Ethernet - Vlinx MESR400 series

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4 Port, Industrial Modbus Gateway
MESR400 Modbus Gateways connect Modbus devices to...

Ethernet gateway / MODBUS - Vlinx™ MESR321 series

MESR321 Modbus Gateways connect Modbus devices to Ethernet networks and enable you monitor and control your...

fieldbus gateway / serial / Ethernet / MODBUS - 10/100, RJ45 | MESR 901

Remap conflicting Modbus ID's
Add multiple masters to Modbus...

serial gateway / fieldbus / Ethernet / MODBUS - 10/100, RJ45 | MESR902T

ASCII to RTU Conversion
ASCII or RTU to Modbus TCP Conversion
Remap conflicting...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet / serial / MODBUS - 10/100, RJ45 | MESR921

ASCII to RTU Conversion
ASCII or RTU to Modbus TCP Conversion
Remap conflicting...

MODBUS gateway / wireless - 1-3 ports

The tGW-715 is a cost effective Modbus gateway, which can act as Master or Slave on both Ethernet Side (Server) and RS-485 side. Hence, tGW-715 enables a Modbus/TCP...

fieldbus gateway / Ethernet / MODBUS - 1-3 ports

The Programmable Device Server (PDS) are serial to Ethernet converter which serves as universal protocol converter, or stand alone automation controller. The server...

Ethernet gateway / on-board / wireless sensor networks WSN - 7 - 36 V, max. 2 000 mW | WSDA® -1000 -LXRS®

The MicroStrain Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator (WSDA®) is designed with a rugged and single-board computer. It also features Ethernet and optional cellular connectivity which is designed to...

Ethernet gateway / on-board / wireless sensor networks WSN - 7 - 36 V, max. 4 W | WSDA-RGD

The WSDA® -RGD Ruggedized Wireless Sensor Data Aggregator is a MIL-STD-810F (shock and environment) and MIL-STD-461F (RE and RS) qualified, single- board computer with Ethernet, local...

Ethernet gateway / on-board / wireless sensor networks WSN - 7 - 36 V, max. 4 W | WSDA-RGD

Fieldbus Gateways
A gateway...

wireless gateway - GSM/GPRS | OnCell 5004/5104

Moxa's OnCell 5004/5104 is a high-performance industrial grade cellular router that allows up to 4 Ethernet-based devices to simultaneously use a single cellular data account for primary or backup network connectivity to remote sites and devices. They are typically deployed as the...

MODBUS gateway / fieldbus - Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU | MGate MB3170, MB3270

The MB3170 and MB3270 are advanced Modbus gateways that provide maximum flexibility for integrating industrial Modbus networks of all types and sizes. They are designed to integrate Modbus TCP, ASCII, and RTU devices in almost any master...

serial gateway / Ethernet / MODBUS / fieldbus - EtherNet/IP, Profinet | MGate EIP3000

MGate™ EIP3000 series products can be used to connect DF1 devices and EtherNet/IP devices to provide Allen Bradley PLCs with remote maintenance capability. By supporting PCCC objects on CIP, the MGate™ EIP3000 can communicate seamlessly with Rockwell Ethernet devices. The EIP3000 protocol gateways come with either 1 or...

MODBUS gateway / PROFIBUS / fieldbus - 1-port, RTU/ASCII | MGate 4101-MB-PBS series

Features and Benefits

Protocol conversion between Modbus and PROFIBUS
Windows utilities with innovative QuickLink function for automatic configuration
Redundant dual DC power inputs and relay output supported
Embedded data packet analyzer
Powerful and visual diagnostic tool
-40 to 75°C wide operating temperature models available



MODBUS gateway / PROFIBUS / fieldbus - 1-port, RTU/ASCII | MGate 4101-MB-PBS series

With the AS-i gateways from Bihl+Wiedemann you can transmit digital and analog data which have been read remotely through AS-i slaves to the host controller and set the output signals from the host controller to the actuators over...

wireless gateway - CANblue/Generic

The CANblue II is a reasonable and versatile CAN-Bluetooth module, which can be used in a wide
range of applications due three supported operation modes.
For service applications it enables e.g. the wireless access to CAN systems using the standard Bluetooth interface provided within many notebooks. Due to this, diagnostic data can be read...

fieldbus gateway - 1 x CAN | CANio 500

The CANio 500 enables the easy and quick connection of various analog and digital input and output signals to CAN or CANopen systems - whether in experimental setups, component test stands or vehicles.

A key feature of the device are the inputs and outputs for digital and analog signals, which can be configured very flexible. The device has each four analog...

CANopen gateway / ProfiNet / fieldbus - 2 x 100 Mbit/s,  2 x CAN, -20 ºC - +70 ºC | COP-CON 220/PN

PROFINET CANopen Gateway

The COP-CON 220/PN is a powerful and easily configurable gateway for connecting CANopen devices and networks to PROFINET systems. The gateway enables bi-directional data exchange allowing for both the integration of existing, low-cost CANopen devices into PROFINET systems as well as the provision of...

CANbus gateway / fieldbus / Ethernet - 2 x CAN | CANbridge

The CANbridge allows the coupling of two CAN networks, including networks with different bit rates. Unlike a CAN Repeater, which only translates the electric signals, the CAN messages are received completely by the CANbridge and then sent to the other CAN network in line with existing...

CANbus gateway / Ethernet / fieldbus - 1 x CAN, 10/100 Mbps | CAN@net II/Generic

In the gateway mode the CAN@net II/Generic is connected to a PC or to a controller platform...

Ethernet gateway - NL 50N-MPI-ATVISE

SIMATIC S7® Web-Visualization in a Connector

With its integrated web server netLINK SCADA visualizes and controls data of a SIMATIC®S7 by a usual web
browser. The plug is directly mounted onto the MPI or PROFIBUS interface of the PLC or is connected anywhere to the networks along the bus line. By...

Ethernet gateway - NL 50-MPI

Pluggable Ethernet to MPI/DP/PPI converter SIMATIC S7® (RJ45 connector)

As directly mountable or as firmly attachable DIN rail mountable device the adapters netLINK- and netTAPMPI are replacing expensive CP communications processors and allow the programming, visualization and control of S7-200®, S7-300® or S7-400®...

Ethernet gateway - NL-MPI

Pluggable Ethernet to MPI/DP/PPI converter SIMATIC S7® (Ethernet breakout cable)

With the emergence of the Ethernet technology into automation, there is now a requirement to connect fieldbus-capable...

PROFIBUS gateway / fieldbus - NT 50-DP-RS

The netTAP gateway family converts two protocols simply and efficiently into each other. Whether it’s a simple serial bus, a classic Fieldbus or one of the many Real-Time-Ethernet protocols, netTAP provides a common platform for a transparent conversion...

fieldbus gateway / PROFIBUS / Ethernet - NT 50-DP-EN

The netTAP gateway family converts two protocols simply and efficiently into each other. Whether it’s a simple serial bus, a classic Fieldbus or one of the many Real-Time-Ethernet protocols, netTAP provides a common platform for a transparent conversion...

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