Temperature programmable gas chromatograph
PGC2005 ABB Measurement Products

Process Gas Chromatograph - Temperature Programmed

The PGC2005 is designed for specialty analysis for separation of wide boiling range compounds. The PGC2005 Temperature Programmed Gas Chromatograph uses component separation to analyze gas or liquid samples. The analyzer operates unattended, automatically sampling and analyzing process streams.


An Isothermal Oven contains the Temperature Programmed Oven Assembly with detectors, the Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) or the Flame Ionization Detector (FID), mounted on top of the temperature-programmed oven. Sample valves -- the Liquid Sample Valve (LSV) or the Continuous Performance (CP) valve can also be installed in the isothermal oven compartment.

An optional Air Cleanup / Methanizer Unit may be used. Special Columns (capillary or packed type) are installed inside the temperature programmed oven. Sample separation takes place in these chromatographic columns, which are installed between the analytical valves and the detector. These columns contain special packings, which separates the compounds to be analyzed so that they enter the detector in a predictable sequence.


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