variable-area flow switch / microwave / Doppler ultrasonic / for bulk materials
FlowJam S ENVEA (ex Environnement S.A Group)



  • Technology:

    variable-area, microwave, Doppler ultrasonic

  • Fluid:

    for bulk materials

  • Other characteristics:

    with analog output, compact, digital, with indicator, high-temperature, maintenance-free, stainless steel, plastic, in-line, threaded, flange

  • Applications:

    process, for noxious environments, sanitary, for clean environments, for dirty environments, for the food industry, for mixer-dispensers, for marine applications


Material flow monitoring
Microwave detector for contactless monitoring
of material flows for "flow" or "no flow"

Absolutely insensitive against material deposits
For any line diameter
With adapter, usable up to 220 °C and 20 bar
With ceramic mounting, usable up to 1,000 °C
Usable in dust ex-zones
Detection through all non-conductive walls
Can also be supplied as compact device with integrated electronics
Detection of material clogging and material standstill