type 2 surge arrester / for power supplies / for transient current protection / anti-surge
DACF25 series

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type 2 surge arrester type 2 surge arrester - DACF25 series


  • Type:

    type 2

  • Applications:

    for power supplies, for transient current protection, anti-surge

  • Other characteristics:

    with fault indication, single-pole, multipole, modular, with integrated upstream fuses, draw-out, low-voltage

  • Current:

    Min.: 1,500 A

    Max.: 2,500 A

  • Voltage:

    Min.: 150 V

    Max.: 440 V




> Type 2 AC surge protector
> In : 15 kA
> Imax : 25 kA
> Interne Disconnection device
> Pluggable module for each phase
> Remote signaling option
> NF EN 61643-11, CEI 61643-11 compliance
> UL1449 ed.4

Type 2 DACF25 SPDs are used mainly for primary surge protection of single and 3-phase AC networks at the main switchboard. In addition to their thermal disconnector, the range is equipped with a internal fuse against short-circuit currents, which avoidsthe use of a external fuse or circuit-breaker as requested by standard. The operation of one of the both disconnectors will activate the indicator and the remote signalling (option). This compact solution simplifies the implementation and minimum space. The DACF25 surge protectors are designed to be used in a multipolar configuration to protect single-phase, 3-phase.