machine tool vise / for grinding machines / pneumatic / vertical



  • Applications:

    for machine tools, for grinding machines

  • Operation:


  • Configuration:

    vertical, horizontal, spring, rotary

  • Other characteristics:

    high-pressure, automatic, twin clamping

  • Max. clamping force:

    40 kN


High pressure ARNOLD TWIN vices are capable of clamping two pieces simultaneously.

- Accuracy of 0.01 mm in clamping repeatability.
- Suitable for working in horizontal and vertical machining centres.
- Grinding of all surfaces with a parallelism and perpendicularity of 0.02 mm.
- Possible working positions: supported on the base, on the side or on the head vertically.
- Side windows for quick cleaning of the inside of the vices.
- Clamping force is 25/50 kN, depending on the size.
- Designed to automate processes and robotize them.
- Fitted with a pneumo-hydraulic high pressure single acting intensifier, fed by compressed air at 6 bars.
- Clamping force adjustable by air pressure input (see manual).
- Automatic stroke for closing and opening up to 4 mm.
- The vice operation may be manual (used with a valve unit supplied with the vice), by using a pedal located near the machine or may be controlled by CNC using a solenoid valve.

- The air must be filtered (dry air).
- Should the control pedal be used, the set of valves supplied with the vice must be placed between the compressor and the pedal, not between the pedal and the vice.

- Connection of the compressor to the vice.
- Filter unit, gauge and lubricator of the air inlet.

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