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diaphragm pump / wastewater - 172 gpm | PF20X-XXX-SXX-B series

The Ingersoll Rand ARO PF20X series metallic flap valve offers flows up to 172 GPM, and can handle 2"...

immerse pump / wastewater / cast iron - max. 120 m, max. 10 080 m³/h | Amarex KRT G, G1, G2, GH

The single-stage submersible motor pump with a close-coupled design, is used for wet or dry vertical installations. It can be coupled with...

immerse pump / wastewater / cast iron - max. 49 m, max. 190 m³/h | Amarex N

The KSB Amarex N is a single stage vertical submersible motor pump. It is ideal for wet installations and can be used both as a stationary and transportable solution.

wastewater pump / vertical / end-suction - max. 14 m, max. 24 m³/h | Rotex

The KSB Rotex is a vertical and single-stage pump that has a discharge to the top and parallel to the pump shaft. The pump foot...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 12 m, max. 16.5 m³/h | Ama-Drainer N

KSB's Submersible Wastewater Pump features a perpendicular, floodable, close-coupled singular-stage design. It also...

centrifugal pump / wastewater - max. 115 m, max. 10 000 m³/h | Sewatec

Horizontal or vertical volute casing pump with free-flow (F), single vane (E),...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 2 000 l/s | S series

Grundfos S series pumps are the main pumps used in numerous sewage systems. Their innovative features, strength and durability make them ideal for such operations. The advanced Smart Seal for prevention of the leakage and Smart Trim impeller for clearance adjustment features make them even more suitable for sewage installations.

immerse pump / wastewater - 1.1 - 11 kW, max. 88 l/s | SE series

The GRUNDFOS SE series 1.1-11 kW pumps offer maximum flow rates of 88 l/s, and can be used for various submerged or dry applications. They are easy to use, and have a sturdy, robust...

immerse pump / wastewater - Unilift CC series

Constructed with stainless steel and molded composite materials, the Unilift CC is developed for pumping gray waste water and drain water. This single stage, submersible pump may be...

immerse pump / wastewater / stainless steel - Unilift KP series

Constructed with a single piece stainless steel casing, the KP range is developed for pumping gray waste water and drain water, as well as for collecting tank installation. This single stage,...

immerse pump / wastewater - 12 m³/h | EF series

Grundfos EF pumps are designed for pumping wastewater (excluding toilet waste) from private dwellings. They are also suitable for pumping liquid manure from farms, and for a variety of industrial applications.

The EF pumps are designed for free-standing, hook-up or auto-coupling installation....

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 10 000 m³/h, max. 100 m | Amarex KRT G series

The Amarex KRT G Series is a single-stage motor pump that is equipped with different impeller types. Designed with a close-coupled...

wastewater pump / vertical / end-suction - max. 24 m³/h, max. 14 m | Rotex

The Rotex from KSB is a vertical centrifugal pump equipped with a motor that connects with the pump via a support...

propeller pump / immerse / wastewater - 16 kW | Amaline

The Amaline is a pump that is engineered with an ECB propeller that features three fiber-repellent...

centrifugal pump / wastewater - 1 590 m³/h, 100 psig | HS, HSD series

The HS and HSD range of centrifugal pumps have done away with common clogging problems. Their design is the recessed impeller type enabling...

centrifugal pump / wastewater - 70 - 2 000 m³/h (308 - 8 820 gpm) | ESK

Double suction vertical process pump is a system that operates for waste water applications, with the integration...

centrifugal pump / wastewater - 400 - 8 500 m³/h (1 750 - 37 500 gpm) | ST

The ST model, engineered by RuhrPumpen, is a horizontal centrifugal pump that consists of a two-channel impeller. This device is best suited for pumping...

non-clog pump / wastewater / vertical - 400 - 8 500 m³/h (1 750 - 37 500 gpm) | STV

The Ruhrpumpen type STV is a vertical centrifugal pump with non-clogging and non-stringing two-channel impeller in pot design for dry installation...

immerse pump / non-clog / wastewater - 230 - 6 800 m³/h (1 000 - 30 000 gpm) | STT

Equipped with a clog and string free two-channel impeller, the Ruhrpumpen type STT is a submersible pump that comes in a pot design...

wastewater pump - max. 10 000 m³/h | SD series

The SD series from Andritz is designed to be utilized in the waste water industry. It...

wastewater pump - max. 10 000 m³/h | SD series

‘DG’ series submersible grinder pump have been designed for economical and reliable pumping of sewage from commercial, industrial or civil sources.

It is suitable for clear and waste water, and for medium contains fibrous material.

The pump can be installed in automatic type thanks to quick separate pedestal or portable style.


wastewater pump - max. 10 000 m³/h | SD series

The DeTech Pumps Company Ltd Submersible Sewage Pump (SPP) is commonly utilized...

immerse pump / wastewater - MP

The MP series engineered by Detech, is a submersible grinder pump that is designed for an economical...

immerse pump / wastewater / cast iron - WQ

The WQ pump is ideal for use with clear and waste water as well as sewage and sludge which contains solid and fibrous material. Due to its cooling jacket design, it can be used for...

wastewater pump - max. 110 m³/min, 0.4 - 110 kW | B series

The B-series is a submersible channel impeller pump which has been designed to handle wastewater, raw sewage and heavy-duty...

wastewater pump - max. 3.5 m³/min, 1.5 - 15 kW | BZ series

The BZ propeller pump from Tsurumi Pump Global is engineered as a channel impeller...

wastewater pump / cutter - max. 2.7 m³/min, 0.75 - 15 kW | C series

The Tungsten carbide alloy edge which is blazed on the impeller vane on the serrated suction cover...

wastewater pump / cutter - max. 1.5 m³/min, 2.2 - 11 kW | C(CR) series

The high-head C-series is a submersible cutter pump designed for high-head pumping of raw sewage, wastewater, and heavy-duty industrial applications,...

immerse pump / vortex / wastewater - max. 1 m³/min, 0.25 - 3.7 kW | U series

The U Series is a sea wage submersible vortex pump developed by Tsurumi Pump. It is a 2-pole motor-based and built with compact...

immerse pump / wastewater - Well series

The WELL pumps are particularly appropriate for lifting clear water from deep wells, and for pressure boosting irrigation. It is also applied on smaller well systems. And lastly, pump controls are available as...

immerse pump / vortex / wastewater - VORTEX 75

The VORTEX pumps are applicable for sewage water with solid parts up to 55 mm diameter depending on its pump type. They are designed for industrial...

vortex pump / immerse / wastewater / explosion-proof - VORTEX EX, ATEX

Vortex pumps are specially engineered to suit the treatment of sewage waters. They are highly suitable for dehydrating of excavations, clear...

immerse pump / vortex / wastewater / stainless steel - VORTEX NIRO

The Zuwa Vortex Niro is an array of sewage submersible vortex pumps constructed in a stainless-steel...

immerse pump / wastewater / stainless steel - 1 900 l/min | SP 35

The SP35 is a type of a modern 3 submersible trash water pump. It is specifically equipped with a hydraulic functioning system that provides an extensive effectiveness...

wastewater pump / cutter - max. 8 000 l/min | SP 65

The SP65 is a water pump assembled by DOA. It serves as a trash pump for large dewatering applications in rental activity, and as a "well point" pump in...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 18 m³/h | Mini SVO

Mini SVO operates for the execution of lifting domestic waste water from sewage and those concentrated with mud and other limp particulates...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 90 m³/h | Rocsan evo

The Rocsan Evo is a submersible pump with a fixed speed and single configuration. The pump flows on a rate of 29m3/h. The manometric head reaches 90mWc. The pump consist of a maximum submergence depth of 20...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 90 m³/h | Rocsan lix

The Rocsan Evo is a submersible pump with a fixed speed and single configuration. The pump flows on a rate of 29m3/h. The manometric head reaches 90mWc. The pump consist of a...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 19 m³/h, IP 68 | FVO 204

The pump lifts sewage water and muddy rainwater containing detergents, hydrocarbons or that is saturated with dirt particles. It pumps all kinds of waste water generated in homes. Therefore, it is highly recommended...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 16 m³/h | Mini SDL

Submersible pumps are used for lifting wastewater. They can be used to lift water...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - SPM series

The SPM series is an efficient and flexible submersible electric pump that is ideal...

immerse pump / electric / wastewater - NCC series

The immersible electro-pump from OSIP pumps are powered by DC motors with...

immerse pump / wastewater / cast iron - XVS series

The Submersible electric pump is applicable for a broad coverage of applications. This...

immerse pump / wastewater / cast iron - TECNO series

The OSIP Drainage Pumps TECNO series can be use in draining excavations and flooded...

vortex pump / immerse / wastewater - ENERGY series

Osip's TECNO Series of drainage pumps feature a total immersion depth of 33 ft. (10 m),...

immerse pump / macerator / wastewater - max. 324 m³/h, 0.75 - 15.5 kW | PTS series

The PTS 40 is a chopper submersible pump manufactured by Cri-Man. It has an integrated open multi-channel impeller and a double...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - 3 - 66 m³/h, IP 68 | DRENAG 1600/2000/2500/3000

The DRENAG 1600/2000/2500/3000 series submersible centrifugal pump is integrated with an adjustment ring impeller, allowing operations...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - 12 - 90  m³/h, IP 68 | FEKA 3000/3500/3700

FEKA 3000/3500/3700 is a submersible pumping system that is constructed with cast iron composition. It is integrated with a vortex impeller fitting, which enables...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - 12 - 180  m³/h, IP 68 | FEKA 4000/4100/4200

The FEKA 4000/4100/4200 models engineered by DAB, are submersible drainage pumps, intended for usage on foul waste water with solid contents. These devices feature a Technopolymer-layered...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - 36 - 780  m³/h, IP 68 | FEKA 6000/6100/6200

Leica Universal automatic levels are the ultimate in precision leveling and are designed to meet the most arduous requirements. Both models, NA2 and NAK2 offer a brighter and higher contrast image. The higher levels of accuracy make these perfect for areas where precision is crucial,...

immerse pump / draining / wastewater - max. 22 m³/h, IP 68 | GRINDER 1000/1200/1600

The Grinder 1000/1200/1600 is a a submersible centrifugal pump used in sewage and waste water for small discharge pipes. It is installed with a cutting...

centrifugal pump / non-clog / wastewater - max. 800 m³/h | SHL series

The SHM series of solid handle pump is designed in horizontal layout, with non-clog and singular platform architecture. It also features a single...

centrifugal pump / non-clog / wastewater - max. 5000 gpm | VP

The tens of thousands of pumps distributed by Smith & Loveless already, who are responsible for conveying wastewater around the world, providing reliable service every single time. The design is a bold type...

immerse pump / wastewater - max. 5000 gpm | I-series™

The Smith & Loveless I-Series™ Immersible Pumps deliver stress-free performance for users, in applications where immersible security is needed. With current retrofit...

centrifugal pump / non-clog / wastewater - max. 5000 gpm | FS

The Smith and Loveless Non-Clog Pump (FS) has the largest and strongest pump shaft in the market today. Full access to the volute and suction elbow is feasible by simply removing the capscrew and...

wastewater pump - max. 480 m³/h, max. 90 m | AWP series

The AWP Series features classic sewage pumps that were enhanced to incorporate a free passage in size of the pressure flange. These pumps are available in...

diaphragm pump / wastewater - 16 l/min, 12 - 24 VDC | Viking Power 16

Compact shower drain, bilge and waste water pump. Specifically designed to pump waste water, the Viking Power 16 is an ultramodern, single-chamber self-priming diaphragm pump that can be set up in several different pump/motor configurations.

Perfect for installation in tight spaces, the Viking Power 16 can be...

diaphragm pump / wastewater - 32 l/min | Viking Power 32

The Viking Power 32 and Viking Power Vacuum diaphragm pumps have been designed to meet the rigorous demands of the worlds leading manufacturers of boats, recreational vehicles and busses. Thanks to its single-chamber design and non-choke valves, the Viking Power 32, can be used to pump un-macerated sewage to a holding tank...

immerse pump / wastewater - AS series

The AS 0530-0841 range features robust, reliable submersible pumps from 1 to 3...

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