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Cyclone, or centrifugal dust collectors use centrifugal force to eliminate dust and other impurities from a gas stream. The dust-laden gas is spun within a conical chamber. Centrifugal force propels particulates against the chamber walls, separating them from the gas stream. The particles slide down the sloping walls and into a collection receptacle beneath the chamber.


These devices are common in all branches of industry where exhaust gases contain excessive amounts of dust and other pollutants. This is particularly true of the metalworking and timber industries. Such collectors are often used for pre-filtration to ease the task of the primary filter.


Generally, these collectors are single-cyclone or multi-cyclone units. The latter consist of several small chambers placed side-by-side. Their small diameter generates greater centrifugal force, while their length prolongs treatment time. These factors result in more efficient dust separation.

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STIVENT Industrie
STIVENT Industrie

Cyclo-filters being manufactured Flat-base...

ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG Filterzyklone FZ
Filterzyklone FZ ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

ESTA FZ-series cyclone filters are mounted stably on three feet and use centrifugal force to separate coarse and...

ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG ZA
ZA ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG

ZA stationary cyclonic pre-separators are installed in front of the actual filter unit and pre-separate dry and free-flowing dusts. Middle-sized and coarse dust particles are separated ahead...

3 products CHIKO AIRTEC
CHIKO AIRTEC 8 - 18 L | CVA-1030
Mobile 8 - 18 L | CVA-1030 CHIKO AIRTEC

Dust collector - Adaptable to several suction sources (x4). - Maximum filtration rate of 99,97% (particulates ≥ 0,3µ). Cyclone - Used as a prefilter or a separator of fine and heavy particulates...

CHIKO AIRTEC 8 - 18 L | WSCC - 60 series
Mobile 8 - 18 L | WSCC - 60 series CHIKO AIRTEC

WSCC-60-8 Capacity: 8L Weight: 7 kg Air flow: 0,5...

1 products FB Filtration
AFW Lufttechnik GmbH 3 000 - 40 000 m³/h | ACF series
Highefficiency 3 000 - 40 000 m³/h | ACF series AFW Lufttechnik GmbH

Cartridge filter system with automatic compressed air cleaning High-efficiency cyclone filter plant, the complete solution for extraction and filtering of fumes, dust, fine dust and particles....

1 products Tama S.p.a.
Tama S.p.a.
Tama S.p.a.

Cyclone separator - Metal treatment field This is a dust-abatement system with a cylindrical shape that collects particles dispersed in the air exploiting their force of inertia. In this device, the...

1 products NEDERMAN

Basic cyclone to separate large materials from the airflow The cyclone is a separator that uses centrifugal force to purify air loaded...

United Air Specialists, Inc. C Series
C Series United Air Specialists, Inc.

Remove large to moderate size particles (chips, metal grindings, sawdust) from woodworking and metalworking processes with the C Series Cyclone dust collector. Used alone or in conjunction with another...

1 products Fives FCB
Fives FCB
Fives FCB

Cyclones Cyclones have been re-designed and improved. Top cyclones can reach 97% settling efficiency...

1 products NICOLIS

Our systems clean blast media as follows: Separation of fine blast medium...

AAF International max. 12 000 cfm | AAF-CY series
max. 12 000 cfm | AAF-CY series AAF International

The AAF Cyclone is a dry centrifugal collector for dusts of moderate to coarse particle size (>20µ). The Cyclone will remove up to 99% of dust (by weight) generated by steel grinding and saw dust. When...

1 products FRANCE AIR

Economic solutions. Efficiency > 95% for large particles. 6 models : - 5 000 : from 3 000 to...

LTG Aktiengesellschaft
LTG Aktiengesellschaft

The airstream carrying fine particles enters the cyclone (centrifugal separator) tangentially at the top. The solids are...

LUWA Air Engineering AG DS
DS LUWA Air Engineering AG

DS Cyclone type dust separator combined with fine filter cartridges...

1 products CAV s.r.l.

This prefilter is designed to separate the coarser parts from the finer dust parts...

1 products ESG
1 products GGE

Features: Round Body with cyclonic hopper Filtration with high efficiency Bags Dust discharge with hoppers and collection bin(rotary valve on request) Heavy construction, metal sheet welded...

4 products Eco Instal
Eco Instal 100 - 8 468 m ² | VTS, VOS
100 - 8 468 m ² | VTS, VOS Eco Instal

Circular VOS and VTS type filter cyclones represent the latest vertical bag filter product line. VTS filter type employ vertical layout of the cutting-edge triangle-shaped filter bags, which considerably...

Eco Instal max. 100 mg/Nm³ | CF
Highefficiency max. 100 mg/Nm³ | CF Eco Instal

The analysis of the operation of a proved solution widely acceptable in heating industry i.e. a two stage system facilitated development of this dust collection system. The ECO INSTAL designers have...

Eco Instal CE/S, CE/S/B
CE/S, CE/S/B Eco Instal

CE/S and CE/S/B (with basalt lining) dust collectors offered by ECO INSTAL are characterized by high operating efficiency, resistance to erosive wear from dust and reduced flow resistance in comparison...

Eco Instal MOS
Multi MOS Eco Instal

A multicyclone is a device based on the experienced gained from the long-term use of cyclones. The device is a compromise between the size (several times smaller dimensions),...

1 products GRUPO OASIS
GRUPO OASIS 1 200 - 4 200 fpm
1 200 - 4 200 fpm GRUPO OASIS

Cyclones work as mechanical separators, which help to collect fine or thick particles. However , , the fine particles holding-up efficiency is low. CYCLON OPERATION: I.- Air enters in a tangential...

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