Brushless servo-drive
10 - 30 VDC, 14 A | BGE 3515 Dunkermotoren GmbH

- External controller for BG motors from Dunkermotoren
- Very compact 4-quadrant controller to control
brush-type and brushless DC-motors (BGE 3515/6010)
- Optionally as freely programmable version with integral
Motion Process Unit. Allows stand-alone-operation or
representation of stand-alone-networks (BGE 3515/6010)
- CAN interface (DSP402)
- With comfortable PC-software (Drive Assistant).
Only possible with BG motors in Hall sensors versions.
An attached incremental encoder RE 30-3-500 at the motor
is necessary (see page 78).
- The controller is protected against over-voltage,
low-voltage and over-temperature cut-off
- With display “ready”, “status” and “error”
- The controller can be fixed by a hut-rail (35 mm) or
fixing clips
- Three connection plugs are included in delivery
For further technical data and information
on terminal assignment, please see the operating manual at (downloads).


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