enclosed DC/DC converter / chassis-mounted / regulated / industrial
BAP 236-F2 series



  • Configuration:

    enclosed, chassis-mounted

  • Electrical characteristics:


  • Applications:


  • Other characteristics:

    rugged, high MTBF, regulated, convection-cooled, redundant

  • Power:

    200 W

  • Input voltage:

    Min.: 21 V

    24 V, 48 V, 125 V

    Max.: 145 V

  • Output voltage:

    12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 125 V


This rugged, industrial quality DC/DC converter uses field-proven topology to generate 200W output power. It is a mature design with a
track record in numerous applications. Cooling is via base plate to a heat-sinking surface and by natural convection. An optional built-in
redundancy diode allows for parallel and N+1 operation. Additional ruggedizing and conformal coating are available for applications
that require higher immunity to shock, vibration and humidity. Full electronic protection, low component count, large design
headrooms, and the use of components with established reliability result in a high MTBF. The unit is manufactured at our plant under
strict quality control.

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